907 Updates July 07, 2018

By Kyle Hopkins: Bear shot after it smashes SUV window and climbs inside at Anchorage trailhead
FYI, how do the children recover from that horrific event?
By CBS News: Father protecting his children killed by polar bear
By Liz Thomas: APD apprehends 2 after standoff in Tudor area
Picture of the motorhome??
By Devin Kelly: When car thieves and the Alaska summer intersect: An old motorhome was stolen from a campsite
By Heather Hintze: Forest Fair keeps Girdwood firefighters busy
By Alex DeMarban: Members of Anchorage mail-theft ring get up to 6 years’ prison time
By Jack Carney: Alaska attorney says immigrants serving in the military are being unfairly discharged
By Joe Vigil: Addiction group: Destroy Paradise Inn Palm Tree
BONUS VIDEO: Watch every cliff launching, car crash at Glacier View’s Independence Day Celebration Forget the fireworks, in Glacier View an Independence Day celebration is taken to a whole new level with this tradition.
By David Hulen: Listening to our readers – in new ways and old
By Elwood Brehmer, Alaska Journal of Commerce: Veteran industry engineer questions aspects of Alaska LNG plans
Huh? Can’t get elected in her home state?
By Rebecca Palsha, Richard Mauer: A South Dakotan wants your vote — for Congress from Alaska
By Kortnie Horazdovsky: Moose family stays safe on Eagle River pedestrian overpass
By Daybreak Staff: Mic Check in the Morning: Secondhand Feels
By Emily Carlson: Park of the Week: Whisper Faith Kovach Park