907 Updates June 26, 2018

By Mary Simton: Super Cub with 2 on board missing south of Fairbanks
By Chris Klint: Boater mauled by brown bear during Copper River trip
Glad he was not hurt worse. Motorcycle or Mountain bike? His mother is Republican Senator Shelley Hughes (R-Palmer) who voted for SB91, now she’s back-peddling and saying maybe criminals should be locked-up. Plus, why does the family need a GoFundMe site? Isn’t his mother willing to help cover his expenses?
By Daniella Rivera: ‘He is a danger’: Hit-and-run victim outraged suspect released
One bullet.
By Leroy Polk: North Pole man found guilty after FBI finds hundreds of child porn images on hard drive
Remember this is about illegal immigrants, not legal immigrants.
By Richard Maurer: Anchorage business criticized for its immigration contract
By Associated Press: Gov. Walker signs background checks bill into law
By Associated Press: Alaska regulations ban mandatory tip sharing
Call the waaaaambulance. Instead of complaining,they should provide a (the dreaded “S” word) solution. Maybe just shut the airport down until the paving is completed? Divert all flights to FBX and passengers and cargo can be hauled to Anchorage, etc.?
By Liz Raines: Hillside neighbors say airport construction is costing them sleep

Bet these folks would love to trade places with those complaining about airport noise. Crime victims, paralyzed from the neck down, overwhelming medical bills or temporary airplane noise?

By Beth Verge: ‘Everything but my wedding ring’: Wife of shooting victim holding sale to help cover medical costs
By Joe Vigil: AK Regional Hospital attacks addiction problem with new service
The end of July is the target start time. Staff expects the service to covered by Medicaid, Medicare and most insurance plans. There will be a self-pay option for those without insurance, and financial counselors will work with people on an individual basis. There is no set number of beds at this time.
By Erica Martinson: Under rule change, Alaska Native corporations could once again get high-dollar government contracts
By Annie Zak: Gov. Walker rejects lawmakers’ request to issue executive order on net neutrality
By Sean Maguire: Third annual Alaska Hempfest seeks to educate about cannabis
By Michelle Theriault Boots: Man holding gun during ‘Incredibles 2’ prompts Anchorage police to evacuate theater
Black bear family munches on freshly-cut lawn
Steller Watch Katie Sweeney Biologist: We’re heading out for our 2018 summer field season
By Cameron Mackintosh, Eric Sowl: Wiseman, Alaska, an arctic village steeped in history
Amid the ruins of the Kennecott mine, a quiet new look at Alaska’s past By Tom Kizzia:
By Cassie Schirm: Get Out and go hike Little O’Malley Peak
By Laurel Downing Bill: Story Time with Aunt Phil: St. Michael