907 Updates March 07, 2018

By Chris Klint: Numerous shots fired in East Anchorage neighborhood
By Daniella Rivera: Car theft suspect skips court while on 2nd release with pretrial supervision
By Erica Martinson: Tax code change could mean a break for Alaskans on utility bills
By Blake Essig: Hugh Neff has unique suggestion for over-50 mushers on Iditarod trail
By Richard Mauer: At Day 50 in Juneau, bad blood is surfacing
By Jack Carney: ASD budget awaits vote from Muni-Assembly
Anchorage The Anchorage Assembly opted to wait until its next meeting on Tuesday, March 20th before deciding whether to approve the appropriate funds for the Anchorage School Districts 2018-2019 Budget. The Assembly can only total the amount of money the school system needs, not designate what and where the ASD spends those dollars.
“All I need to be successful in life I learned from playing hockey…?” $200,000 for coaching hockey. He could coach for free if it’s so important to him.
By Beth Bragg: Former UAA hockey coach laments lack of success, says university commitment lacking
Thomas, whose $200,000 annual salary made him the athletic department’s highest-paid employee, is the fifth man to serve as UAA’s head hockey coach. He’s the fourth in a row who failed to win with consistency.
By Assoicated Press: Alaska regulator wants to hold oil companies accountable for spills
By Cameron Mackintosh: Anchorage birth center reports rise in pregnant women suffering from opioid addiction
“What Pay it Forward recovery is allowing people to do is apply for the funds to be able to get into an inpatient treatment program, even if they have to go out-of-state,” she explained. “Then when they get back, they’re able to pay back the money. And that money is used to pay for the next addict that’s still suffering.”
Robert Archibald: GUEST COMMENTARY Owning Horses & Stakeholders not far apart on oil transport in Prince William Sound
Rasmusson Foundation: Parting thoughts from Foundation’s Smart: “Transformative work that impacts individual lives”
Mms Everyday Alaska Family Features: Garlic cream elbows with sun-dried tomatoes and basil