907 Updates March 11, 2018

By Cameron Mackintosh: Man hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after West Anchorage shooting
By Alex DeMarban: United Steelworkers sues BP after it cut union-represented positions on North Slope
By Zach Rover: Avalanche danger for the western Prince William Sound
By Emily Carlson: Tribal Council asks governor to shut down Bethel liquor store
So does one need separate facilities for both sides of transgender? How is this handled where you live?
Courtesy of Suzanne Downing’s Must Read Alaska

By Suzanne Downing: Transgender files complaint against shelter for abused women
If indeed AWAIC is helping transgendered persons file complaints against another women’s shelter over the issue of men seeking entry into a place reserved for the safety of traumatized women, then the AWAIC board of directors may have some new policy decisions to make.
Sen. Mia Costello is running a survey on social media regarding crime and Senate Bill 91. We’ve heard that over 400 Alaskans have taken the five-question survey. Take the survey here.
By Annie Zak: Shop Talk: Anchorage piñata maker works to turn hobby into business
By Associated Press: Kenai officials plan expansion for city cemetery
By Liz Raines: Women mushers to girls: ‘You can be anything you want to be’
Bearss Blog: The solitude of the trail
Rasmusson Foundation: Advocate for causes: Mike Navarre joins Rasmuson Foundation Board as first member from the Kenai
Rasmuson Foundation News Bittersweet goodbye: Good luck to our Smart guy
By Kat Sorensen: What does a 1st-time Alaska visitor read to get ready?
By Ben Henning 49Writers, Inc: Literary Roundup | March 9-15, 2018
Congratulations Diane Demoski and LeAnn Marquard!
By Jacob Mann: Twin teachers retire from Burchell
By Tim Rockey: Jenski Automotive officially back from the ashes after ribbon cutting
Alaska Highway News: WATCH: The Swedish Trapper
Such is the journey of documentary filmmaker Viktoria Sahl, who travelled the globe to chronicle the story of Hedin, best known locally for his heroics trying to save 17 American soldiers from drowning in Charlie Lake during the building of the Alaska Highway.
By Patrick Endres – In keeping with a year-in-review tradition, I’ve selected 100 photos that reflect favorite sights and experiences in 2016.