907 Updates May 12, 2017

By Rebecca Palsha / KTUU: ‘I think they’ll be acquitted’ Willow residents wait for a verdict in the Sockeye Fire trial
Kit Lee Karjala, 54, threw it away~ I hope she is happy with her decisions.
By Leroy Polk: Alaska lawyer charged, arrested for smuggling drugs to client in Anchorage jail

Rant: Not homeless; off the grid~ Granted, there are folks who truly need help. However there are a lot of folks who just want to be a drain on society.
The other day, we were stopped in traffic at the corner of Old Seward Hwy & Diamond Blvd. We had the windows down in Paul’s truck and this clown sitting on the sidewalk asks me if I have a dollar. I said no. Paul then said no. The clown then starts in that he wasn’t talking to Paul, he was talking to me. Paul suggested he get a j-o-b, the guy kept on with I was talking to the lady…fortunately traffic started moving. Paul said the clown figured women for a softer touch.

By Dan Carpenter: City sees high demand from homeless for housing help
By Travis Khachatoorian: Roadtrippin’: The last traditional Haida longhouse in Alaska

Author: Alaska Dispatch News: What’s happening this week: Mother’s Day, Lil Wayne, car show and a play ‘At Wits End’
Alaska Run For Women June 10, 2017