907 Updates May 18, 2018

By Kortnie Horazdovsky: WATCH: Gov. Walker addresses public safety plan, drug help from feds
“Center Mass” is the standard for stopping a threat. Military, Law Enforcement, Self-protection, etc. all state “center mass” so any training would be applicable. He’s just BS’ing about “military training.”
By Leroy Polk: Alaska Army veteran shot 2 people using military training, charges say
By Zaz Hollander: Girl testifies that teens accused of killing David Grunwald hid in her shed — and partied
By Jack Carney: Witness testimony offers new details in 2016 Lore Road homicide
By Leroy Polk: Anchorage bikes to work; the annual tradition of cycling and snack stops
By KTVA Staff: Japanese families request remains from Battle of Attu
By KTVA Staff: Japanese documentary on the Battle of Attu premieres at UAA
Competency matters, not gender or ethnicity.
By Laurel Andrews: Watch a historic announcement on the first Alaska Airlines flight piloted by 2 African-American women
By Beth Bragg: Gold Nugget Triathlon is a go, but with a new finish line
By Zaz Hollander: Alaska performances of homegrown musical ‘Snow Child’ are canceled
Nugen’s Ranch founders legacy of helping addicts
Leonard Nugen started Nugen’s Ranch in the early 80’s, A place where people can fight their addictions through farm work.
By Associated Press: Corrections Department detects mumps cases at Bethel jail
By Lauren Maxwell: Man wants homeless camp clean-up put on fast track
By Emily Carlson: SeaLife Center celebrates 20 years in face of a new danger
By Devin Kelly: Watching for polar bears and fixing windows: Alaska brings neighborhood watch to villages
By John Tracy: Reality Check: It’s possible! Lawmakers finish under deadline
By Daybreak Staff: Reading Rendezvous gets kids excited about reading
By Yoshina Okamoto: A new music festival is coming to the fairgrounds in Palmer
By Yoshina Okamoto: Celebrate the season: Here’s your 2018 Alaska summer festival guide
Saturday Market May 19, 2018