907 Updates November 07, 2017

Remember this epic failure and those who voted for it election time.
By Leroy Polk: Senate Bill 54, amending controversial SB91, passes House after midnight

By Leroy Polk: Palmer man killed in early morning vehicle accident
Cost of the equipment, maintenance and life expectancy?
By Associated Press: Alaska village’s advanced microgrid drastically cuts cost
The school district had that horrible math program for 17(?) years that they knew wasn’t working. So any plans they have that need more money are suspect and most likely prone to epic and costly failures.
By Kalinda Kindle: ASD introduces new high paying position
Anderson says the job pays $160,000 but is worth more than $200,000 with benefits.
Interesting that the library can not support itself so moves into social work. No gripe about providing these needed services. Remember this is the same group that received a donation of a few million dollars to provide a library downtown and they are slowly draining the fund for other uses. I had planned to leave the library money but after reading about their refusal to honor the decedent’s wishes I’ve changed my mind.
By Caslon Hatch: Loussac Library sees uptick in patrons, more residents seeking social services
“We have these social work interns and it’s really great because librarians can’t always determine what the best first step is for some of these complex needs,” said Preskitt.

Since the need has proven to be there, Preskitt says they are expanding the program. The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority just awarded funding for a full-time social worker to be on hand year-round.
Security Cameras?
By Sidney Sullivan: Suspect robs ‘Bikini Babes’ at gunpoint
By Leroy Polk: 2 men arrested in Palmer burglary, 1 was found hiding in a swamp

By Leroy Polk: Alaska man arrested while trying to break into a moving truck, officials say
By Samantha Angaiak: State considers a sponsor for Birchwood Airport
I worked downtown for several years. I’d run out on my lunch hour to shop at A Novel View bookstore. Other than that, I despised shopping downtown. Panhandlers, pickpockets and drivers who ignore traffic lights & walk signals. Then you get to haul your purchases in cold weather and icy/slushy streets. So you hope no one follows you to steal your purchases. Possibly breaking into your car, vandalism, stealing your stuff and possibly your vehicle.

Alaska has an alcohol problem so Tequila 61 is obviously a great choice for pushing promotion. We are a sub arctic environment and people are pushing the “walking city”, talk about misconception~ Where is all this parking at? Where is this land (stable soil and affordable?) for residential housing coming from? There is a condo project being built on leased railroad land. The lease cost is good for x number of years then the railroad can raise the rates. What are folks going to do? Move the condo building to cheaper land?

I commend them for trying to make downtown attractive. Think about how many times Mountain View has tried to change the public’s opinion of it. Has it worked yet?
By Heather Hintze: Anchorage Downtown Partnership works to change perception of downtown
Great comments!

By CBS News: Target’s Thanksgiving hours offer a Black Friday breather

Julia Everett Streit · Works at Anchorage School District
Don’t care what their hours are until they care about men sharing the same bathroom with young girls.