907 Updates November 27, 2016


How do these folks qualify for a nice home, including a garage? Plus they have money for multiple children but not birth control?  Travel money but need a new home given to them…arrrrgh! Be nice to have safe, quality housing for veterans, victims of DV, etc.
Marc Lester: Homeowners at a new Habitat for Humanity subdivision in East Anchorage have come a long way.


Neighbor just bought a club cab 4×4 pick-up, $52,000.  It was not fully loaded.  With cost of vehicles, more folks might be riding the people mover.
Devin Kelly: Anchorage’s People Mover bus system considers major changes to the way routes are designed



Bethel Search and Rescue


Fairbanks, Alaska  Permafrost Tunnel
This frozen tunnel in central Alaska is both an engineering feat and a valuable climate classroom.

Permafrost Tunnel virtual tour


Dewayne Brantley: 1987 Flying Tigers 747 landing with blown tires