907 Updates October 21, 2021

KTUU Alaska’s News Source: Anchorage Town Hall meeting unveils new homelessness plan to the public; Anchorage man accused of killing his mother indicted on murder charges; Dancing traffic cones share important safety reminder for families and more ->
Alaska Native News: AFN Promotes Alaska Native Voting Rights at Key U.S. Senate Hearing; This Day In Alaska History October 21st, 1903 and more ->
Science Daily: ‘Ray guns’ let scientists use light instead of DNA to tell plant populations apart
Using a handheld device that looks a little like a ray gun, scientists recorded how plant leaves on different Alaskan mountains reflect light. And, it turns out, different populations of plants of the same species — for instance, plants living on neighboring mountaintops — reflect light differently, in ways that echo their genetic variation from each other.
Cision: Author Della Marie’s new book “Can’t Feel the Love” is a compelling story of courage and perseverance for a young mother yearning for peace, security, and love
Della Marie, a motorcyclist, Alaska native, and single mother of two currently residing in Portland, Oregon, has completed her new book “Can’t Feel the Love”: a riveting work that keeps the pages turning until the heartwarming conclusion.
Sierra Club: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors: Our Anthropocene Guides
Fantasy author Robin Hobb grew up in Alaska, a place of ancient wonder that is home to some of North America’s richest wilderness. “On Kodiak Island,” she says, “moss grows on top of the ashfall on the branches of the old trees from a volcanic eruption many years ago.” Her childhood home was “close enough to the ocean that when a storm hit the cliffs, our trailer house would shake with it.” A meeting place for the forces of nature, it was fertile ground for a young writer. “How can any storyteller not be affected by things like that?”