907 Updates October 27, 2016

Nathaniel Herz: Longtime chief of state-run mental health organization quits over split with board


Suzanna Caldwell:  String, sturgeon or sea monster? Chena River ‘creature’ baffles internet observers


Go Dad!
Michelle Theriault Boots:  A Southeast Alaska teen arrived home with a dead wolf. His father called troopers.


I was talking with Paul about the snow dumps just a few days ago. Wonder how much the EPA fines are? If this was a private contractor & land, I believe they would be in all sorts of trouble.  However, being the city it is not considered an issue~~

If you have snow dumps where you live, how are they purified and cleaned of hazmat, garbage, etc.?
Devin Kelly: City deadlocked with state over rent for West Anchorage snow dump


Whittier Escort Service~
Chris Klint:  Escorted access planned Thursday evening for closed Whittier tunnel


Chris Klint:  Man jogging with dogs attacked by bear on Seward airport runway


Alaska Women’s Summit 2016