907 Updates October 6, 2016


Thank you Gov. Walker for trying to keep the PFD going.
Nathaniel Herz: Alaska today pays each qualified resident a $1,022 oil wealth dividend



Erica Martinson:  Alaska gets $1M federal grant to process backlog of sex-assault evidence kits

FYI: Rape kit, Cost and Backlog

The cost of rape kits is a barrier to use in many locations where the victim is billed for the collection of forensic evidence. Collecting a rape kit reportedly costs upwards of $1000.[40] In some countries, reimbursement for the cost is contingent on the victim reporting the crime to police. In Japan, for example, a sexual assault victim must pay for the rape kit upfront, but police will reimburse medical fees if the victim reports the assault.[41]

Victims of sexual assault in the United States faced similar hurdles until the 2005 reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which requires states to pay for the cost of the rape kit regardless of the victim’s decision to report the assault to the police.[42] Under the more recent 2013 VAWA reauthorization, which took effect in March 2015, victims also cannot be required to pay the upfront cost of the exam. States may still require victims to submit claims for the rape kit exams to their personal insurance providers, as long as they are not billed for a deductible or a copay.[43]


Facts are the child let go of the leash, dog ran out into traffic and the driver did report hitting the dog. Not the fault of the driver, unfortunately he now lives with hitting and killing the animal.
Jerzy Shedlock: Anchorage police will not cite driver in death of boy’s service dog in training


UAA Fees  “It varies~”  How much bloat is in UAA’s costs? The Univeristy can not support itself, can UAA have an accredited accounting program? Make the courses pay for themselves and charge the students accordingly. How would you cut university costs?
Tegan Hanlon:  Here are the next academic, administrative programs up for review at the University of Alaska