907 Updates September 14, 2016

Yes, several people volunteered to help clean up this “hazmat” spill. Great comments!
Chris Klint: Semi overturns, dumps beer along Glenn Highway in Mat-Su


What do you think?  Is he being upfront to avoid any possibilities of conflict of interest, hypocrisy or WTF is he thinking
Devin Kelly:  Compromise reached over Anchorage assemblyman’s participation in marijuana votes
The Anchorage Assembly voted Tuesday night that Assembly member Patrick Flynn can participate in most types of votes on licenses for pot businesses — but not commercial grow operations, since he himself is an investor in one.


Want to buy a bridge? Any information on folks who have bought historic bridges and actually used them as a bridge?
Laurel Andrews:  The state of Alaska will pay you $30K to move and maintain this historic bridge
“I just really don’t understand how they would do it. It’s somebody else’s headache,” he said.
So has Williams heard of anyone interested?
“Not a one,” he said.


Does anyone have information if banishment does deter the criminal or just moves the crime to another place?
Lisa Demer: Alaska village banishes 6 over drug and alcohol suspicions

Great resource as it shows who has been banished.
Lac du Flambeau Tribal Banishments