907 Updates September 22, 2018

By Heather Hintze: Crisis canines help Kotzebue kids cope with classmate’s death
By Steve Quinn: Walker, Lindemuth seek to close sexual offense loophole
By Mary Simton: 2 men sentenced for attempted drug trafficking to Alaska
By Steve Quinn: ASD superintendent says two-week suspension was correct
By Chris Klint: Bishop ‘outraged’ over ASD teacher’s alleged abuse
By Jack Carney: ASD Superintendent talks about alleged abuse by teacher at Ptarmigan
Bishop says the school district is fully cooperating with APD and working with the family to provide additional services including counseling, and that the teacher is currently on administrative leave.

Sherwood is due in court on Monday for a pretrial hearing on a single count of child abuse.
By Sean Maguire: Alaska Air National Guard returns home after helping with Hurricane Florence devastation
By Scott Gross: Combat King’s reign essential when it comes to search and rescue missions
By Beth Bragg: Andrew Kurka’s Paralympic medals just became a lot more valuable
By Dave Goldman: Pilot program cleaning up homeless camps, helping displaced
By Dave Leval: Volunteers build new trail at Hatcher Pass
By Tracy Sinclare: Equinox isn’t really equal
By John Thompson: Gibbs set to become Merrill Field manager