907 Updates September 23, 2016

Chris Klint: Hillside standoff suspect found dead in home; cause under investigation


The courts are too lenient?  Banish him behind bars!
Lisa Demer:  Banished man sentenced in fire deaths back in Bethel jail on heroin charge
“The Court’s leniency has had no positive effect and the defendant has clearly demonstrated himself to be a severe danger to the community,” Carlson wrote.

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Remember, Gov. Walker is trying to extend the life of the PFD
Nathaniel Herz:  Gov. Walker’s veto shaves Alaska Permanent Fund dividends to $1,022
“If we don’t fix the dividend, certainly everything indicates it will go away in the next couple of years,” Walker said.


The following is about adults that are not “special needs.”   
I believe the definition of “homeless” needs a smaller, more defined scope.  What is homeless? Determine why someone is homeless. Are they able to and willing to provide for themselves? This will help find alternatives for them. Is someone willing to rent out room(s) in their homes? Habitat for Humanity can revamp hotels, apartments,etc. to prove a safe shelter for those that could use a hand-up, not a hand-out. 
How about a foster care system for drunks? Those who feel so sorry for drunks should bring them into their homes and help them.
Devin Kelly: Providence donating nearly $1 million to tackle Anchorage homelessness


Not exactly Alaska~  What foods would Walmart serve in Alaska and where you live?
Josh Davis and Doug Boehner, KXTV: Walmart opens in-store restaurant only serving state fair foods