907Updates February 16, 2018

By Laurel Andrews: Woman who abandoned baby in Eagle River park sentenced to 9 years for manslaughter
By Mike Ross: Man wanted in connection to shooting
By Heather Hintze: $10,000 bail set for 4A’s embezzlement suspect
By Devin Kelly: Confidential report at the heart of Anchorage police chief’s secret suspension in 2015
Anchorage’s former police chief was secretly suspended for two weeks without pay in 2015, a fact hidden even from elected representatives until it emerged in the course of a civil trial last year.

A confidential city report at the time criticized the chief, Mark Mew, for the way he handled concerns about a police lieutenant who allegedly interfered with investigations into the Alaska National Guard sex and drug scandal, court records show.

By Nathaniel herz: Republican Senate appointee whose Facebook posts drew attention withdraws from consideration

One listed points supporting a theory of why some men have dogs instead of wives, among them that “a dog will let you put a studded collar on it without calling you a pervert.”

Another accused Sen. Lisa Murkowski of treason. A third suggested that medical workers who perform abortions should be “executed with scissors cutting their hearts out.”
Congratulations Alliana Salanguit!
Presented by the University of Alaska: For university legislative interns, Juneau is a hands-on lesson in civic engagement
By anchorage Daily News: Coming up: Pulse Dance Company, Prohibition party and Blackwater Railroad
ACLU unveils Alaska Privacy Project to help Alaskans secure digital information

Alaska Privacy Project
By Beth Verge: FBI training teaches first responders how to deal with active shooters
By Kari Bustamante: Kari Tries Figure Skating