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Military May 28, 2022

LionHeart Film Works: The Story of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
 Kennel for Deploying Troops’ Pets Shut Down After Animal Cruelty Investigation; 7 Offenses That Are Bizarre Crimes in the US Military and more ->

The Untold Past: The DISGUSTING Crimes Of Carmen Mory – The Black Angel Of Ravensbruck

196 – Black May, Nazi Subs Defeated – WW2 – May 28, 1943


The Team House CIA Senior Intelligence Service | Douglas Wise | Ep. 147


Team Never Quit BROOKE CLARK KEATING: VP of The C4 Foundation, Co-Host Gold Stars & Stripes Podcast, Gold Star Wife
Team Never Quit The Difference in Watching Videos and Actually Doing It

Combat Story CS#76: Afghan Female Special Operators | Female Tactical Platoons | Farida Mohammadi

Military May 27, 2022 VA Ordered to Report Performance of Troubled Health Records System to Congress and more ->

Task & Purpose: Why are Americans forced to feel the same fear that I did as a soldier in Iraq? We shouldn’t have to live like we are deployed in a combat zone.; Marine caught with ‘several’ ducks after negligent discharge prompts barracks search Fowl play? And more ->
DoD: NRC Shreveport Sailors Receive Medals for Saving Shipmate’s Life; Feature 600-Mile Memorial Day Race Caps Off Monthlong Military-NASCAR Partnership and more ->




Military May 26, 2022 T-38 Crash That Killed Student Pilot in Texas Caused by Miscommunication, Leading to Change in Formation Landing Rules and more ->
Task & Purpose: Nearly 80 years after the end of World War II, we are still bringing home our fallen The possible remains of one World War II airman were recently discovered in Thailand and returned for identification.; How nearly 900 soldiers from Maine earned — and lost — the Medal of Honor The actual medals have disappeared. And more ->
DoD: Navy Dedicates Rescue Swimmer Training Pool and Presents Posthumous Award to WWII Hero’s Family; Four Lao brothers serve in same Tennessee Air Guard wing and more ->



Military May 25, 2022 Last Known Survivor of WWII POW Massacre Dead at 99; Tribute for Late VA Chief Max Cleland, Who Lost Limbs in War; Remains of Navy Sailor Who Died at Pearl Harbor Returned Home after 81 Years and more ->
Task & Purpose: The Army’s reputation for sexual harassment and suicide is keeping Gen Z from joining up, Army secretary says “I think we do need to do more to address their concerns.”; Goodbye Bragg and Benning: These are the potential names for Army bases honoring Confederates Make way for ‘Fort Eisenhower,’ ‘Fort Cavazos,’ and ‘Fort Barfoot’; This Netflix animated short was inspired by one grunt’s pill-induced delirium in Afghanistan He “hallucinated a robot bear.” And more ->

Military May 24, 2022 Search for Supreme Court Leaker Falls to Former Army Colonel and more ->
Task & Purpose: This new soldier’s first Army mentor was a general sitting next to him on the way to basic training “He was so excited about it, you could tell he was really ready to go.”; An Army vet bodybuilder scammed the VA out of $245,000 while claiming he couldn’t even lift, bro Plenty of time to get swole in jail, presumably. And more ->




Military May 22 & 23, 2022

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Staff Sgt. George J. Hall and more -> Russian Sentenced to Life in Ukraine’s 1st War Crimes Trial; Biden: US Would Intervene with Military to Defend Taiwan; Air Force Delivers 78,000 Pounds of Infant Formula and more ->
Task & Purpose: This Medal of Honor recipient now has a street named after him. It used to be named for a Confederate Fort Hamilton’s General Lee Avenue is now John Warren Avenue.; A-10 pilot explains how the Air Force can outfit the beloved ‘Warthog’ to take on China In order to survive, the A-10 Warthog must adapt and overcome. An Air Force base’s secret weapon against invasive plants? Sheep Tactical sheep keep Travis AFB clean and ready. And more ->
Graphic content: World War Two Drowning Germans, Burning Jews – WAH 061 – May 22, 1943




Military May 21, 2022 Here’s Why Generals Often Get Light Sentences at Courts-Martial, According to Advocates and more ->
By Dareh Gregorian, NBC News: Senators announce bipartisan deal to help veterans exposed to burn pits If it is passed, the PACT Act would expand health care eligibility for more than 3 million military veterans who were exposed to toxins.




Military May 20, 2022 Captive Medic’s Bodycam Shows Firsthand Horror of Mariupol and more ->
Task & Purpose: Navy warship named for Medal of Honor recipient who saved fellow sailors from deadly inferno “He let his actions speak for himself. And I suppose that’s why he did what he did.”; After 250 days of hellish combat and 78 years, this WWII veteran finally has the medals he earned
“War is hell. We should try to prevent World War III. It’s not the thing to do.”; ‘There’s an Air Force base here,’ say annoyed cops to people calling 911 about jet noise “Enjoy the sound of freedom.” And more ->

DoD: Space Force News: AFGSC brings Project Tuskegee, B-1B Lancer to Maxwell AFB; Eielson AFB celebrates F-35 beddown completion and more ->






Military May 19, 2022 Guard Officer Allowed to Retire with Benefits After ‘Motorboating’ Subordinate; Soldiers Facing Discrimination from State Laws Could Request Transfers Under Draft Army Policy and more ->

Task & Purpose: ‘My war just kept going’ — How this Marine veteran became the voice of a generation fighting a forever war Phil Klay writes with passion and clarity on what it means to be a veteran and a citizen. And more ->

DoD: WWII Merchant Mariners Receive Congressional Gold Medal and more ->


Military May 16, 17 & 18, 2022 Military News Man Killed Outside of New Boston Space Force Station in Shooting Involving Military Contractor; Army Opening New Criminal Justice Center That Will Help Train Defense Lawyers; Congress Gives VA Watchdog Subpoena Power After Hampered Investigation into West Virginia Murders; Researchers Think They’ve Found the Cause of Gulf War Illness; Deal for Sweeping Toxic Exposure Bill Reached in Senate and more ->

Task & Purpose: Why Air Force pilots spent a day being dragged through the water by a jet ski “You never know when those skills may be helpful, when all those holes in the Swiss cheese line up.”;How to train like an elite Army Ranger, according to a Best Ranger coach “I think more and more people are accepting that the mental game is just part of performing well.”; How the myth that Mr. Rogers was a deadly military sniper began Won’t you be my sniper… I mean neighbor.; We’re busting military myths, bullsh-t and rumors all week J. Lo is not dead.; This pro basketball player turned Army Ranger is now going to Harvard This high achiever is someone we can all look up to. And more ->
DoD: Feature Medal of Honor Monday: Navy Hospital Corpsman Donald Ballard

DoD: DOD Names Lead for Suicide Prevention and Response Independent Review Committee and more ->