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Military April 16, 2023

By Crispy11b: Rip Mike Day
Team Never Quit Podcast: IN HONOR OF MIKE DAY: Decorated Navy SEAL & American Hero (2020)

Military March 01 – 11, 2023

dD: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Col. Lewis Millett Sr. WWII Veteran and Nike Co-Founder Made His First Training Shoe with a Waffle Iron; Fire Watch: Col. Paris D. Davis and His Decades-Long Wait for the Medal of Honor; ‘Go Get Screened’: Space Force Chief Urges Missileers to Get Tested as Cancer Study Underway and more ->
Task & Purpose: Wounded Abbey Gate Marine delivers powerful testimony to Congress ‘I opened my eyes to Marines dead or unconscious lying around me.’ And more ->
DoD: Military Celebrates Women’s History Month and more ->

Guest post via an author writing under the pseudonym Lost CAC, The Angry Staff Officer: The Army, Recruiting, and Bad Faith “Woke” Criticism
The Untold Past: WWII Execution Videos
World War Two Videos: Timelines, Battles. etc.
Mark Felton Productions Videos
Mark Felton Productions is a STRICTLY NON-POLITICAL history channel presenting films by leading military historian and author Dr. Mark Felton on a variety of fascinating historical subjects, with particular focus on WWII and the Cold War.
The History Guy: 1945 Battle for Manila

Periscope Film: Preserving History One Film At A Time
Shawn Ryan Show: Chris / Kristin Beck – Transgender Navy SEAL Transitions To Woman Then Back To Man | SRS #50
Peter Zeihan Returns: China Ukraine and What Comes Next – Danger Close w/ Jack Carr
Vincent Vargas: Borderline – Danger Close with Jack Carr

Cleared Hot Pdcast: BRCC Roundtable with Evan Hafer Jariko Denman and Logan Stark
Cleared Hot Episode 275 – George Monsoor

Military February 28, 2023

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Marine Corps Pfc. James Anderson Jr.
 2 Commanders Among 6 Fired from Jobs at Minot Air Force Base; Marine Corps Axes Elite Scout Sniper Platoons; How a Beauty Queen Turned Guerrilla Avenged Her Father’s Death in World War II and more ->

Task & Purpose: Navy to rename USS Chancellorsville for former slave who commandeered Confederate warship Goodbye, USS Chancellorsville. Hello, USS Robert Smalls.; Why Afghanistan’s security forces collapsed, according to a scathing new US government watchdog report The report faulted “the decision by two U.S. presidents” to pull U.S. military forces out of Afghanistan. And more ->


DoD: Black History Month The Defense Department recognizes the bravery and exceptional service of Black military and civilian personnel and celebrates the richness and diversity of their achievements during February and all year.

The Untold Past: The Executions Of The Final Days Of Dachau; The HORRIFIC Evil Of Stutthof Concentration Camp and more ->

World War Two videos: Up Close and Personal – Mountain Warfare in Italy – WW2 Special Documentary; Week 235 – Tojo Takes Control – February 25 1944; Luftwaffe Defeated in One Week?! – War Against Humanity 099

The History Guy: Albert, the other Goring

BRCC: Nick Lavery Green Beret Loses Leg in Firefight and Keeps Fighting

Cleared Hot Episode 274 – ZeroEyes – A technology solution for mass shootings

Military February 26, 2023

Oleta Lawanda Crain (September 8, 1913 – November 7, 2007)[1] was an African-American military officer, federal civil servant, and advocate for black women’s rights and desegregation. Out of 300 women nationwide who entered officer training in the U.S. military in 1943, she was one of the three African Americans. She served in the United States Air Force for 20 years, retiring with the rank of major. In 1964 she began working for the United States Department of Labor in Washington, D.C., becoming regional administrator of its Women’s Bureau in Denver, Colorado, in 1984. She traveled and spoke extensively to women about employment rights, wages, and career opportunities. She received numerous awards and honors, and was inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame in 1988.


Military February 23, 24 & 25, 2023

James George Abourezk (February 24, 1931 – February 24, 2023) was an American attorney and politician from South Dakota. A member of the Democratic Party, Abourezk served as a United States senator and United States representative for one term each, and was the first Arab American to serve in the U.S. Senate.[1] He was also the founder of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.[2]

He was the first Greek Orthodox Christian of Lebanese-Antiochite descent to serve in the U.S. Senate. He was generally viewed as critical of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) area, particularly regarding Palestine and Israel.

Abourezk represented South Dakota in the United States Senate from 1973 until 1979. He was the author of the Indian Child Welfare Act, passed by Congress in 1978 to try to preserve Native American families and tribal culture, by arranging for the placement of Nature American children in homes of their cultures, as well as to reunite them with families. It gives preference to tribal courts with custody of Native American children domiciled on reservations and concurrent but presumptive jurisdiction in cases of children outside the reservation.

Read more -> The Navy’s Top Enlisted Sailor Is Ready for You to Ask Him Anything and more ->


Task & Purpose: NSFW: Meet Marine sniper-turned-‘Naked and Afraid’ star Justin Governale “You can’t break me, I’m a hard motherfucker.”; How the Air Force flew its longest-distance night hostage rescue “If you’re not nervous, you’re lying … But you kind of push that down because you’re too busy focused on making this mission happen.” And more ->


DoD: Remembering Iwo Jima: 78 Years and more ->
Jack CarrUSA: Ric Prado: Interview Revisited


Cleared Hot Podcast: Power Hour with Mike Glover – Leadership Preparedness Business

Military February 19 – 22, 2023

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Sgt. 1st Class Melvin Morris Naval Academy Honors President Jimmy Carter, Drops Confederate Name from Building and more ->
Task & Purpose: How Green Beret Paris Davis’ teammates fought the Pentagon for his Medal of Honor “We could have given up at any time in that nine years and it would have gone nowhere.”; A US Army M1 Abrams tank named ‘ASVAB Waiver’ is keeping watch over Europe If this isn’t a metaphor for something, I don’t know what is. And more ->

The Untold Past: The HORRIFIC Burning Alive Of 1000 Concentration Camp Prisoners; The BRUTAL Execution Of The Beast Of Nanking – General Iwane Matsui; The EVIL Female Guards Of Stutthof Concentration Camp; The HORRIFIC Torture Of The German Women That Slept With Hitler’s Enemy
World War Two: America’s War on Japanese Shipping – WW2 Special Documentary
World War Two: Week 234 – The Destruction of Monte Cassino – February 18 1944
World War Two: Mosquito Bombers Bust Out French Resistance – War Against Humanity 098
Kevin Owens: Guerilla days in Ireland

Mike Glover Actual: What about Ohio Joe?…

Shoot Me Straight with Dave & Eddie: Dan Cerrillo – Navy SEAL | Recovered Addict | Chief of Staff for American Addiction Centers

Cleared Hot Episode 273 – Dallas Alexander

Military February 15 – 18, 2023 ‘You Can’t Fix the Problem If You’re in Denial:’ The Military’s Surge of Fentanyl Overdoses; Former President Jimmy Carter in Hospice Care and more ->

Task & Purpose: How the National Guard responded to the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio More than 60 soldiers from two states assisted in evacuations and testing for toxic contamination.; Former Navy SEAL in Canada’s crosshairs after publishing video of world’s longest sniper shot He says it’s “an attempt to silence” a recent podcast interview subject. And more ->


DoD: Hallowed Ground: Sailors Keep Pearl Harbor’s Legacy Alive and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: On Command: A Confession

Shoot Me Straight with Dave & Eddie: Andrew “Bito” Arrabito – Shoot Me Straight Podcast

Jack CarrUSA: Nick Norris: Combat Veteran, Protekt Co-Founder and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Advocate

Shawn Ryan Show: #47 Canadian Gov does NOT want you to see this / Special Ops Sniper Refuses COVID Vaccine Gets Fired Shawn Ryan Show

Cleared Hot Podcast: Tactical A**holes – Volume 4 – Mambas, Rats with video helmets and silent drills with Bryan Callen

Military February 09 – 14, 2023

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Navy Chief Commissary Stewart Daniel Atkins Black Special Forces Officer to Receive Medal of Honor After Decades of Delays; Former Flight Nurse’s Nonprofit Takes Community Approach to Combat Vet Suicide and more ->
Task & Purpose: UFOs just the latest in a 70-year-long list of kills for the AIM-9 Sidewinder missile This is the Air Force’s missile of choice for taking out UFOs. And more ->
DoD: Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Hold a Press Conference Following the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, Brussels, Belgium and more ->

The Untold Past: The EVIL and Execution Of Irma Grese – The Hyena Of Auschwitz
The Untold Past: The HORRIFIC Execution Of The Guillotined 20 Year Old Witness
World War Two: Hitler’s Jazz Band – WW2 Documentary Special

World War Two: Week 233 – German Desperation in Korsun Pocket – February 11 1944
Mark Felton Productions: The Los Angeles Nazi Bunker

Mark Felton Productions: Chinese Spy Balloons – WW2 Weapon Updated for 2023

THG Podcast: Christmas and Candy in the American Military

Active-Duty Green Beret Amputee Nick Lavery | Mike Ritland Podcast Episode 126
Cleared Hot Podcast: Friday Lessons in Business and Entrepreneurship
Cleared Hot Podcast Episode 272 – Wylie McGraw

Military February 8, 2023 A Navy Command Tries Radical Transparency to Help Prevent the Next Suicide; Pilots Involved in Apache Helicopter Crash in Alaska Released from Hospitals and more ->
Task & Purpose: How the US military is sending life-saving assistance to Turkey after a devastating earthquake Two C-17s carrying rescue teams and medical equipment arrived at Incirlik Air Base on Wednesday.; All your burning questions about the Chinese spy balloon, answered Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the Chinese spy balloon but were too embarrassed to ask.; The F-22s that downed China’s spy balloon had call signs named for this WWI fighter ace Meet the ‘Arizona Balloon Buster.’ And more ->
World War Two: Week 232 – Leningrad: NO STEP BACK! – February 4 1944
The History Guy: Shootin’ Balloons: A History
Jack CarrUSA: Doug Patteson: Spy Game

Military January 26 – 31, February 1-7, 2023 One of the First Black Marines, 101, Honored for His Service; Pilots Involved in Apache Helicopter Crash in Alaska Released from Hospitals and more ->
Task & Purpose: All your burning questions about the Chinese spy balloon, answered Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the Chinese spy balloon but were too embarrassed to ask. And more ->

dod: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Sgt. 1st Class Eugene Ashley Jr. and more ->

The Untold Past: The HORRIFIC Execution Of The Nun Of Ravensbruck

THG Podcast: Stories of Pearl Harbor

Ranger K9 Handler Julian McDonald | Mike Ritland Podcast Episode 125

Team Never Quit: DAVID KNIESS AND TRENT GIBSON: The Gift The Story of MOH recipient Corporal Jason Lee Dunham

Shawn Ryan Show: Dallas Alexander – World’s Farthest Sniper Kill / JTF2 Operator | SRS #047 (Part 1)

Cleared Hot Podcast: Full Auto Friday – Round 139
Cleared Hot Podcast: Full Auto Friday – Round 140 – With Nelson Grant