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Military July 27 & 28, 2021 Former Airman Who Leaked Details of Drone Program Sentenced, Will Serve Prison Time; VA Makes ‘Error’ in Using Gender-Neutral Motto in Official Government Notice; Congress Rebuffs Air Force’s Plan to Retire Older Aircraft, Putting A-10 Move on Hold; The US Military Couldn’t Stop the Heroin Trade from Funding the Taliban. But Synthetic Opioid Producers Might. And more ->
Task & Purpose: The predictable collapse of the Afghan Air Force is happening in real time None of this is surprising.; Air Force’s top enlisted leader gets wrecked by subordinates in Mario Kart “I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, but … I’ve also
never played Mario Kart before this week.” And more ->

DoD: Face of Defense: Swimming Toward Gold and more ->







Military July 26, 2021

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Marine Corps Gen. Louis Wilson Jr.
Task & Purpose: This US soldier just set a new shooting record at the Olympics “We are very fortunate to be here to be able to compete.” And more -> A $500 Rip It? How Grilled Cheese and Energy Drinks Fueled the Afghanistan Withdrawal; Dallas Towing Company to Pay $50,000 for Illegally Selling Cars Belonging to Service Members and more ->





Military July 25, 2021

Coffee or Die: Sources: Legendary Soldier Alwyn Cashe Will Receive the Medal of Honor Black Rifle Coffee Distances Itself from Extremists, Including Some Who Loved Their Brand and more ->
Task & Purpose: These are some of the greatest military working dogs in history There’s something about just seeing a dog in a warzone that (when you’re on the same side) can brighten your day, even if just for a few moments.; Inside SERE School, where military-grade hide-and-seek meets life-and-death struggle The first rule they teach is “don’t get caught.” And more ->
DoD: Flying Jennies train in Alaska and more ->



Military July 24, 2021 ‘They Choose Not to Listen: Thae Ohu Speaks for the First Time on Her Experience in the Marines; Army Ranger at JBLM Charged with Murder for Gruesome Beating of Security Guard and more ->
Task & Purpose: An Afghan interpreter who became an American soldier has one final mission: Saving his family “If the Taliban can’t find a guy who worked with U.S. forces, they will find his family and kill them. They’re in just as much danger as I am.”; Afghan forces that supposedly ‘have the capacity’ to defend their country still rely on US airstrikes The Taliban have captured up to 213 of Afghanistan’s 419 district centers.; An Army vet was told she never served. Her viral response was the ultimate mic drop “[M]aybe you should think things through before you speak.” And more ->
DoD: News Austin Begins Indo-Pacific Visit in Alaska and more ->


Military July 23, 2021 Smaller Military Pay Raise, Increased Parental Leave Included in Senate’s 2022 Defense Bill; Ex-Airman: Guilt over Drone Strikes Prompted Me to Leak Secrets; Senate Defense Bill Would Require Women to Register for the Draft and more ->
Task & Purpose: We salute the aircrew that rescued a man from a bear attack in a real-life version of ‘The Revenant’; Watch US troops launch a volley of rockets in super slow motion set to Tchaikovsky’s ‘1812 Overture’ It’s worth it and you’re welcome.; Self-proclaimed ‘incel’ allegedly joined Army to train for mass shooting of women but washed out after 4 months He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted. And more ->
DoD: Tenets of Responsible Behavior in Space






Military July 22, 2021 House Votes to Evacuate More Afghan Allies as US War Ends; Check Your Policy: A Marine Family’s $14K Bill for Base Housing Damage and more ->
Task & Purpose: These Marines were the first to try new infantry training range in SoCal with a million-dollar view “Whenever we have an opportunity not to go to Twentynine Palms, that’s great.” And more ->


Military July 21, 2021

By Daniella Genovese, Fox News: WWII veteran receives ultimate birthday surprise at 93 Young Marines of the Palm Beaches left the veteran speechless
Task & Purpose: In rare move, Army names 2 soldiers killed in 2017 Niger ambush honorary Green Berets They saved the lives of many soldiers.; Army War College commandant reinstated after investigation clears him of alleged sexual assaultAn Army investigation found “no probable cause that he committed the alleged offense.”; Air Force colonel tells crew they failed America because they nixed an unsafe training mission “I can’t express to you the level of disappointment I have right now.”; What it’s like to rescue someone at sea from a Coast Guard helicopter Incidents tend to rise in the summer. Our friends at Popular Science flew in a big MH-60T chopper and watched dramatic practice scenarios unfold first-hand. And more -> Fort Campbell Green Beret Who Saved Injured Woman from Drowning Earns Soldier’s Medal; Air Force Reservist Who Shared Rape Accuser’s Name Faces Hearing in Idaho Legislature; Does the Pentagon Need a Better Plan if the ‘Nuclear Football’ Goes Missing? Pentagon IG Aims to Find Out; 5 Combat Victories the Coast Guard Scored Against America’s Enemies;
DoD: DOD Takes Phased Approach to Implementing Recommendations on Sexual Assault, Harassment and more ->






Military July 20, 2021 Afghan War’s End Quiets Chaplain’s Litany of Funeral Prayers; Military to Remove ‘Stepchild’ Designation from New ID Cards After Complaints; What Happened to Pat Tillman’s Jersey? Here’s How the Last Americans at Bagram Airfield Rushed to Secure Mementos. And more ->
Task & Purpose: New Air Force recruiting pitch: It doesn’t matter what you look like, just that you can kick enemy ass “You don’t know who I am—whether I’m African American, Asian American, Hispanic, White, male or female. You just know I’m an American airman, kicking your butt.”; The first 2,500 Afghans evacuated were the easiest to get out. What about the rest? Time is running out.; US launches first airstrike on target in Somalia since Biden became president U.S. troops were outside of Somalia at the time. And more ->
DD: Sports Heroes Who Served: Football Star Becomes Marine Corps 3-Star and more ->





Military July 19, 2021

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Navy Vice Adm. Joel T. Boone
DoD: Veterans Can Request a Correction to Military Records Through a Review Board







Military July 18, 2021 Sheriff: Florida Man Stole Car, Got into Coast Guard Plane