Elections Snafu August 30, 2016

Have you volunteered or worked at an election place?  Method you use to vote and why?

Electronically, absentee ballot or behind the curtains at the polling place?


Nathaniel Herz: Alaska elections director tells lawmakers: Division will fix ‘training gaps’

Over the course of nearly three hours, the panel of lawmakers, plus an audience made up almost entirely of Republican activists, staffers and party officials, pored over reports of election irregularities compiled by mainstream media outlets, as well as websites run by Suzanne Downing, the Alaska Republican Party’s spokeswoman, and Craig Medred, a paid consultant to the Republican-led Senate majority.



Information from the Alaska Division of Elections

General Information

The Division of Elections is looking for individuals to serve as election workers before, during and after Election Day. It takes hundreds of election workers to conduct an election. Election workers span the generation gap from high school students to senior citizens and mirror the amazing diversity of our state. Most important, election workers put a face on the election process and they make voters feel confident about voting. Without their time, energy and dedication, elections simply would not happen.

In Alaska, rural communities are in need of election workers and/or translators who, in addition to English, are fluent in speaking the local Alaska Native languages. Bilingual election workers are needed to provide language assistance to Alaska Native voters who have limited English proficiency. In the Kodiak area, bilingual election workers are needed to provide language assistance in the Filipino (Tagalog) language.

You will receive training prior to the election that will teach you everything you need to know.