FYI April 13, 2022

On This Day

1944 – Relations between New Zealand and the Soviet Union are established.
New Zealand–Russia relations refers to bilateral foreign relations between New Zealand and the Russian Federation. New Zealand has an embassy in Moscow and an honorary consulate in Vladivostok. Russia has an embassy in Wellington. Both countries are members of APEC.

Ex-Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said in 2016 he wants to revive trade negotiations with Russia. Peters told reporters that New Zealand should be trading more with Russia, which was the world’s number two dairy importer and was set to become the world’s number two beef importer. In 2016, Russia imported $24.6 million worth of New Zealand red meat, the majority of it beef livers ($9.5m), chilled beef ($1.9m), beef hearts ($1.6m) and frozen beef ($1.4m).[1]



Born On This Day

1854 – Lucy Craft Laney, American founder of the Haines Normal and Industrial School, Augusta, Georgia (d. 1933)[11]
Lucy Craft Laney (April 13, 1854 – October 24, 1933)[1] was an American educator who in 1883 founded the first school for black children in Augusta, Georgia. She was principal for 50 years of the Haines Institute for Industrial and Normal Education. In 1974 Laney was posthumously selected by Governor Jimmy Carter as one of the first three African Americans honored by having their portraits installed in the Georgia State Capitol. She also was inducted into the Georgia Women of Achievement.



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