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1539 – The Treaty of Frankfurt between Protestants and the Holy Roman Emperor is signed.[4]
The Treaty of Frankfurt,[1] also known as the Truce of Frankfurt,[2] was a formal agreement of peace between Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and Protestants on 19 April 1539. The parties met at Frankfurt-on-the-Main,[3] and the Lutherans were represented by Philip Melanchthon.[4] The treaty stated that the emperor would not take any violent actions against the Protestants, who had formed an alliance known as the Schmalkaldic League, for fifteen months starting 1 May;[3] during this time both parties could try to resolve the differences in their confessions. As a result of this peace, the Schmalkaldic League lost the protection of France.[3]


Born On This Day

1872 – Alice Salomon, German social reformer (d. 1948)[27]
Alice Salomon (19 April 1872, in Berlin – 30 August 1948, in New York City) was a German social reformer and pioneer of social work as an academic discipline. Her role was so important to German social work that the Deutsche Bundespost (German post office) issued a commemorative postage stamp about her in 1989. A university, a park and a square in Berlin are all named after her.




NASA: Astronomy Picture of the Day

By Josh Jones, Open Culture: Watch the Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins (RIP) Give a Drumming Masterclass
Open Culture: Patti Smith Talks with Malcolm Gladwell About Her Life as an Artist
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Wickersham’s Conscience: Thailand: It Wasn’t All Birds
Wickersham’s Conscience: Let’s Just Wade In
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By Matt Goff, Sitka Nature: April Showers
By Matt Goff, Sitka Nature: Starrigavan and Showers
Fireside Books presents Shelf Awareness for Readers for Tuesday, April 19, 2022
By Elizabeth Howell, Live Science: Stunning aurora glow above Iceland after ‘dead’ sunspot erupts Short nights made the display ‘that much more precious’, photographer told
By Remy Melina , Mindy Weisberger, Live Science: Why is chocolate bad for dogs?
By Chris Parsons, National Science Foundation: If she can see it, then she can be it – An exhibit highlighting female role models in STEM
The New York Times: Stolen Focus The Ezra Klein Show Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Johann Hari
By Jill Suttie, syndicated from Greater Good: When Love Breaks Your Heart
By studying research, Williams found that heartbreak can be more harmful to our health than people typically think. Ironically, heartbreak does affect the heart, with one study finding that men and women (aged 30–65 years old) are at a significantly increased risk of having a heart attack within the first year after a romantic breakup—25% and 45%, respectively.

Williams also learned from neuroscientist Helen Fisher that parts of the brain linked to addiction and pain light up during heartbreak, and that this pattern is tied to obsessive, erratic behavior—like thinking about the rejecting partner 85% of the time, showing up at an ex’s workplace unexpectedly, and leaving long voicemails full of rage, despair, and passionate love.
“The Possibility Alliance of Missouri” Shairng the Joy of Simple Living




Would having them safely secured in travel kennels be a better idea? Someone hits the van, or it rolls and dogs are going to be thrown about and possibly escape.
By moire: Vehicle Dog Barrier
By cgajagon: Seed Starter Structure for Growing Lights


By Hank Shaw, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: Fig Syrup
By Jessica Walker, Betty Crocker Kitchens: Crunchy Potluck Taco Salad
By Passion Make: Beef Noodle Soup With Bread Sticks
Taste of Home: Oven-Fried Ranch Steak
By Nancy Mock, Taste of Home: How to Make 3-Ingredient Cool Whip Candy
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