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On This Day

1849 – The Governor General of Canada, Lord Elgin, signs the Rebellion Losses Bill, outraging Montreal’s English population and triggering the Montreal Riots.

The Rebellion Losses Bill (full name: An Act to provide for the Indemnification of Parties in Lower Canada whose Property was destroyed during the Rebellion in the years 1837 and 1838[1]) was a controversial law enacted by the legislature of the Province of Canada in 1849. Its passage and subsequent assent by the Governor General, James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin makes the bill a landmark piece of legislation in Canadian political history.

The bill was enacted to compensate Lower Canadians who lost property during the Rebellions of 1837 with measures similar to those providing compensation in Upper Canada. Two factors made this measure controversial. Even though participants in the Rebellion could not be compensated with taxpayer’s money, the sympathies for the Rebellion were more widespread in Lower Canada so that compensation in Lower Canada was seen as “giving money to the rebels”. Secondly, the damage done by the army far exceed the damage done by the rebels so that provisions to compensate for damages done by the army was considered disloyal to the Crown. The enactment of the bill angered some of Montreal’s Tory citizens and provoked weeks of violent disturbances known as the Montreal Riots. It culminated in the burning of the Parliament building on April 25 which until then was in Montreal.


Born On This Day

1854 – Charles Sumner Tainter, American engineer and inventor (d. 1940)
Charles Sumner Tainter (April 25, 1854 – April 20, 1940) was an American scientific instrument maker, engineer and inventor, best known for his collaborations with Alexander Graham Bell, Chichester Bell, Alexander’s father-in-law Gardiner Hubbard, and for his significant improvements to Thomas Edison’s phonograph, resulting in the Graphophone, one version of which was the first Dictaphone.[1]

Later in his career Tainter was associated with the International Graphopone Company of West Virginia,[2] and also managed his own research and development laboratory, earning him the title: ‘Father Of The Talking Machine’ (i.e.: father of the phonograph).[3]




By Bobby Finger: Police Have Arrested a 72-Year-Old Man Who Might Be the Golden State Killer

By Tony Bizjak, Anita Chabria and Dale Kasler: ‘It’s terrifying.’ Neighbors react to possibility they lived next to East Area Rapist

By George Dvorsky: This Recently Discovered Fifth-Century Massacre in Sweden Is So Game of Thrones We Can’t Even Handle It

Sandby borg is an Iron Age ringfort, one of at least 15 on the island of Öland, Sweden.[2] It sits about 2 kilometers southeast of Södra Sandby village in Sandby parish in southeastern Öland. It is also close to the village of Gårdby.

From 2011 the fort has been subject of excavation, the results of which show that it was the scene of a massacre in the late 5th century AD. The victims of the massacre were never buried but are found lying as they fell, inside the houses and scattered on the streets of the fort. This has resulted in a unique snapshot character of the archaeology at Sandby borg, providing new insights both to violence and conflict in the Iron Age but also concerning everyday life in the ringfort.

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By Kevin Pang: Distillery sells bourbon in glass bottles molded from World Trade Center steel

By Katie Bernot: $490 coffee-stirring machine aims to kill 0.3 cent disposable stir sticks
By Allison Shoemaker: Say “Sorry I tased you” with a “Sorry I tased you” cake
By Michael Isaac Stein: Tabasco Sauce Is in a Battle For Its Very Survival

Avery Island

A Message from the Director of the National Science Foundation
Huh, guess they never looked at the “kitchens” in old campers & trailers~
By Mark Wilson: These Japanese Micro-Kitchens Make Me Want A Tiny Home
By Cale Guthrie Weissman: Finally, A Weed Magazine For The Rest Of Us
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By Laura Hazard Owen: Netflix is launching a weekly BuzzFeed show in July
Have protests such as these ever stopped or changed the way (more safety precautions, etc) companies do business? I’m not saying folks do not have legitimate complaints, I just question the positive outcome of their methods. Remember the clowns in Seattle who, using petroleum based products such as kayaks protested Shell drilling?
By Heather Chapman: Mother and daughter take to treehouses to fight pipeline
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By Gary Price: Research Article: “False Information on Web and Social Media: A Survey”
By Gary Price: UCLA Library Builds Worldwide Digital Archival Network (International Digital Ephemera Project (IDEP))
Children & Young Adult
Lee & Low Books: Writing Contests
Lee & Low Books offers two annual writing contests that encourage writers of color and Native/Indigenous writers to submit their manuscripts to a publisher that takes pride in nurturing new talent. Winners of each contest receive a cash prize of $2,000 and a standard publishing contract with Lee & Low Books. Honor Award winners receive a cash prize of $1,000.
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