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1343 – After the execution of her husband, Jeanne de Clisson sells her estates and raises a force of men with which to attack French shipping and ports.
Jeanne de Clisson (1300–1359), also known as Jeanne de Belleville and the Lioness of Brittany, was a Breton former noblewoman who became a privateer to avenge her husband after he was executed for treason by the French king. She crossed the English Channel targeting French ships and often slaughtering their crew. It was her practice to leave at least one sailor alive to carry her message to the King of France.



Born On This Day

1870 – Marianne Weber, German sociologist and suffragist (d. 1954)[5]
Marianne Weber (born Marianne Schnitger, 2 August 1870 – 12 March 1954) was a German sociologist, women’s rights activist and the wife of Max Weber.

Marianne Weber in Nazi Germany
Weber’s career as a feminist public speaker ended abruptly in 1935 when Hitler dissolved the League of German Women’s Associations. During the time of the Nazi regime up until the Allied Occupation of Germany in 1945, she held a weekly salon.[17] While criticisms of Nazi atrocities were sometimes subtly implied, she told interviewer Howard Becker in 1945 that “we restricted ourselves to philosophical, religious and aesthetic topics, making our criticism of the Nazi system between the lines, as it were. None of us were the stuff of which martyrs were made.” Weber did claim, however, to know people who had been involved in the July Plot.

Weber continued to write during this time, however, and published Frauen und Liebe (“Women and Love”) in 1935 and Erfülltes Leben (“The Fulfilled Life”) in 1942.






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