FYI August 15, 2018


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On This Day

1185 – The cave city of Vardzia is consecrated by Queen Tamar of Georgia.
Vardzia (Georgian: ვარძია) is a cave monastery site in southern Georgia, excavated from the slopes of the Erusheti Mountain on the left bank of the Kura River, thirty kilometres from Aspindza. The main period of construction was the second half of the twelfth century. The caves stretch along the cliff for some five hundred meters and in up to nineteen tiers. The Church of the Dormition, dating to the 1180s during the golden age of Tamar and Rustaveli, has an important series of wall paintings. The site was largely abandoned after the Ottoman takeover in the sixteenth century. Now part of a state heritage reserve, the extended area of Vardzia-Khertvisi has been submitted for future inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.[1][2][3][4]



Born On This Day

1863 – Aleksey Krylov, Russian mathematician and engineer (d. 1945)
Aleksey Nikolaevich Krylov (Russian: Алексе́й Никола́евич Крыло́в; August 15 [O.S. 3 August] 1863 – October 26, 1945) was a Russian naval engineer, applied mathematician and memoirist.

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By Melanie Ehrenkranz: A Group of Engineers Say They’ve Created a Way to Detect Bombs and Guns Using Basic Wifi
I know I’ve shown this boat before and its self-righting capability still amazes me.
By Erik Shilling: A Life-Saving Charity Just Created the Ultimate Lifeboat

By Jesse Hassenger: Dogs get their own origin story with the gorgeous, old-fashioned survival yarn Alpha
By Sean Michael Regan: Medicine Ignored This Insulin Problem. Hackers Solved It.
By Ben Freeland: Is My Record Collection Trying To Kill Me? The chicken/egg dilemma of dark music and clinical depression
By Download a Free Ebook of Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon Before August 18, 2018!
By Bob Mayer: Who Were the ENIAC Six?
Disgusting & disrespectful. If our nation’s capitol is burning what else is going on?
By John Bowden: Pearl Jam criticized for poster featuring dead Trump, burning White House
Criminal charges?
By Emily Birnbaum: University of Maryland accepts responsibility in football player’s death
The president of the University of Maryland said during a press conference on Tuesday that the school accepts “legal and moral responsibility” for the death of football player Jordan McNair, who died of heatstroke after a strenuous practice.

By Matt Enis: State Library of Ohio Launches Custom Infographic Tool
By Aris Folley: Company to ship Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figures in October
By Jen Harper: 6 Ridiculous Goodnight Moon Parodies
Atlas Obscura: The Hidden History of U.S. Civil War Tattoos, Washington’s Fence of Doors and more ->
By Heather Chapman: First year after childbirth deadly for opioid-addicted women
Raja Ayyagari Product Manager, Google Photos: Upgrading your paid storage with Google One

By Ernie Smith: Retail’s Tech Champion Sears and Roebuck—a firm that has seen better days—helped sell the public on computers, video games, and online services. (They made great catalogs, too.)
By Josh Jones: What English Would Sound Like If It Was Pronounced Phonetically


By Ainsley Harris: This angel network wants to mobilize 100,000 women investors
By Jonathan Ringen: The inside story of how McDonald’s innovated the Quarter Pounder


Emy Flint | Semigloss Design Hometalker Frederick, MD: Anthropologie Inspired Ombre Curtains With Fringe
By Hometalk Highlights: Sleep Better at Night With These 9 Cleaning Bed Hacks The best tips on cleaning everything from your pillows to your mattress
Chas’ Crazy Creations: To Grandma’s House we go! (Wednesday Link Party #100)

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