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On This Day

1835 – The first Great Moon Hoax article is published in The New York Sun, announcing the discovery of life and civilization on the Moon.
The “Great Moon Hoax” refers to a series of six articles that were published in The Sun, a New York newspaper, beginning on August 25, 1835, about the supposed discovery of life and even civilization on the Moon. The discoveries were falsely attributed to Sir John Herschel, one of the best-known astronomers of that time.

The story was advertised on August 21, 1835, as an upcoming feature allegedly reprinted from The Edinburgh Courant.[1] The first in a series of six was published four days later on August 25.



Born On This Day

1817 – Marie-Eugénie de Jésus, French nun and saint, founded the Religious of the Assumption (d. 1898)
Saint Marie-Eugénie de Jésus (25 August 1817 – 10 March 1898), born Anne-Eugénie Milleret de Brou, was a French Roman Catholic professed religious and the foundress of the Religious of the Assumption.[2] Her life was not geared towards faith in her childhood until the reception of her First Communion which seemed to transform her into a pious and discerning individual; she likewise experienced a sudden conversion after hearing a sermon that led her to found an order dedicated to the education of the poor.[3][4] However, her religious life was not without its own set of trials, for complications prevented her order from receiving full pontifical approval due to a select few causing problems as well as the deaths of many followers from tuberculosis in the beginning of the order’s life.[5][6]

Her beatification was celebrated under Pope Paul VI in 1975 while her canonization was later celebrated on 3 June 2007 under Pope Benedict XVI.[3]

The Religious of the Assumption were founded by Saint Marie Eugénie Milleret in Paris in 1839. Her vision was of transforming society through education. She taught that faith in Jesus impels one to love the world and all its peoples.

Assumption Sisters are called to live and love according to the Gospel. Their communities are committed to effecting change in society through prayer and education. They are a diverse group of women from many countries who live together in close-knit, joyful communities. Prayer, the heart of their life, is how they come to know and love Jesus, and with Him, love the world and its people. It is also at the heart of their educational mission. A teaching order, it sees education as a process by which the human person is freed and society transformed. That freedom marks their life together in community, as well their work for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

From the first community of five young women, the congregation quickly spread throughout the world. The Religious of the Assumption today is an international congregation of 1300+ Sisters of over 40 nationalities, responding to the challenges and calls of society in 35 countries. The Mother House is located in Paris, France, with communities in places including Madrid, Mexico City and Querétaro in Mexico, Manila, Bangkok, and Rwanda. In the United States, the order has houses in Worcester, MA; Philadelphia, PA; Lansdale, PA; Chaparral, NM. They can be found in the inner city and the suburbs, in the rural southwest and the urban Northeast. They teach in colleges and run after-school programs for children; they advocate for immigrants and teach English as a Second Language; they work in parishes and offer faith formation programs.



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