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1922 – The Parliament of Northern Ireland votes to remain a part of the United Kingdom and not unify with Southern Ireland.
The Parliament of Northern Ireland was the Home Rule legislature of Northern Ireland, created under the Government of Ireland Act 1920, which sat from 7 June 1921[1] to 30 March 1972, when it was suspended with the introduction of Direct Rule. It was abolished under the Northern Ireland Constitution Act 1973.

The Parliament of Northern Ireland was bicameral, consisting of a House of Commons with 52 seats, and an indirectly elected Senate with 26 seats. The Sovereign was represented by the Governor (initially by the Lord Lieutenant), who granted royal assent to Acts of Parliament in Northern Ireland, but executive power rested with the Prime Minister, the leader of the largest party in the House of Commons.



Born On This Day

1878 – Akiko Yosano, Japanese author, poet, pioneering feminist, pacifist, and social reformer (d. 1942)
Yosano Akiko (与謝野 晶子 Seiji: 與謝野 晶子) (7 December 1878 – 29 May 1942) was the pen-name of a Japanese author, poet, pioneering feminist, pacifist, and social reformer, active in the late Meiji period as well as the Taishō and early Shōwa periods of Japan.[1] Her name at birth was Shō Hō (鳳 志やう Hō Shō).[2] She is one of the most noted, and most controversial, post-classical woman poets of Japan.[3]

Early life
Yosano was born into a prosperous merchant family in Sakai, near Osaka. From the age of 11, she was the family member most responsible for running the family business, which produced and sold youkan, a type of confection. From early childhood, she was fond of reading literary works, and read widely in her father’s extensive library. As a high school student, she began to subscribe to the poetry magazine Myōjō (Bright Star), of which she became a prominent contributor. Myōjō’s editor, Tekkan Yosano, taught her tanka poetry, having met her on visits to Osaka and Sakai to deliver lectures and teach in workshops.[4]

Although Tekkan had a common-law wife, he eventually separated from her after he fell in love with Akiko. The two poets started a new life together in the suburb of Tokyo and were married in 1901. The couple had two sons, Hikaru and Shigeru. Despite separating from his first wife, Tekkan remained actively involved with her.



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David Sherry Creative Caffeine In 2019 I…
I want to hear about your goals in 2019.

Reply and write whatever comes to mind.

This can just be a thread between us, which you can use to clarify your thinking or just get them out on paper.

Or, for a few of you, with your permission, I’d be happy to share them with the group as well. It’s a chance to share with others here, and even rep or promote something of your own.

Up to you.

Here are some questions to spark your thinking:

What needs to change?

What do you know deep down you should do, but haven’t yet committed to?

What are you scared to get serious about?

What open questions do you hope to answer?

What would you like to finish?


Answer all or none k thanks bye.

xx David


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