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1508 – The League of Cambrai is formed by Pope Julius II, Louis XII of France, Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Ferdinand II of Aragon as an alliance against Venice.
The War of the League of Cambrai, sometimes known as the War of the Holy League and several other names,[1] was fought from 1508 to 1516 as part of the Italian Wars of 1494–1559. The main participants of the war, who fought for its entire duration, were France, the Papal States, and the Republic of Venice; they were joined at various times by nearly every significant power in Western Europe, including Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, England, the Duchy of Milan, the Republic of Florence, the Duchy of Ferrara, and the Swiss.

Pope Julius II, intending to curb Venetian influence in northern Italy, brought together the League of Cambrai—an anti-Venetian alliance consisting of him, Louis XII of France, Ferdinand II of Aragon, and Maximilian I, the Holy Roman Emperor—in December 1508. Although the League was initially successful, friction between Julius and Louis caused it to collapse by 1510; Julius then allied himself with Venice against France.

The Veneto–Papal alliance eventually expanded into the Holy League, which drove the French from Italy in 1512; disagreements about the division of the spoils, however, led Venice to abandon the alliance in favor of one with France. Under the leadership of Francis I, who had succeeded Louis on the throne of France, the French and Venetians would, through victory at Marignano in 1515, regain the territory they had lost; the treaties of Noyon and Brussels, which ended the war the next year, would essentially return the map of Italy to the status quo of 1508.


1640 – The Root and Branch petition, signed by 15,000 Londoners calling for the abolition of the episcopacy, is presented to the Long Parliament.[2]
The Root and Branch Petition was a petition presented to the Long Parliament on December 11, 1640. The petition had been signed by 15,000 Londoners and was presented to the English Parliament by a crowd of 1,500. The petition called on Parliament to abolish episcopacy from the ‘roots’ and in all its ‘branches’.[1]



Born On This Day

1783 – María Bibiana Benítez, Puerto Rican poet and playwright (d. 1873)
María Bibiana Benítez Batista (December 10, 1783 – April 18, 1873[1] or 1875[2][3]) was Puerto Rico’s first female poet and one of its first playwrights.[4][1] She was the first of three renowned poets in her family, the others being her niece and adopted daughter Alejandrina Benítez de Gautier, and Alejandrina’s son José Gautier Benítez.


1863 – Annie Jump Cannon, American astronomer and academic (d. 1941)[9]
Annie Jump Cannon (/ˈkænən/; December 11, 1863 – April 13, 1941) was an American astronomer whose cataloging work was instrumental in the development of contemporary stellar classification.[2] With Edward C. Pickering, she is credited with the creation of the Harvard Classification Scheme, which was the first serious attempt to organize and classify stars based on their temperatures and spectral types. She was nearly deaf throughout her career. She was a suffragist and a member of the National Women’s Party.[3]



Michael Nesmith, Monkees singer and songwriter, dead at 78 Nesmith’s family said he died peacefully in his home, surrounded by loved ones.

By Hope Ford, 11Alive: After 16 years, family’s Christmas display shut down for code violations, community helps get it back David Nichols loves Christmas and every year his display got bigger. But this year, a complaint led him to turn off his lights.
And just a couple hours after Nichols posted the show wouldn’t go on, he said he received a call from the county informing him there were no violations and the show could continue.

“Emotionally, it’s been overwhelming,” Nichols said, crediting the outpouring of love from the community for helping get the situation resolved quickly. “We greatly appreciate it but the support we got.”

“We got everything worked out,” he told 11Alive over the phone. “The chairman (of the board of commissioners) called me and said everything was taken care of, so I guess they figured it out with the county. She (the chairman) said there was no violation.”

A spokesperson for Carroll County told 11Alive, code enforcement went out to document the neighbor’s complaint. They later found Nichols was not in violation of mass gathering or a noise ordinance.

The Marginalian by Maria Popova: Midweek pick-me-up: A lifeline for the hour of despair—James Baldwin on 4AM, the crux of love, and staying alive as a moral obligation to the universe
The Marginalian by Maria Popova: Midweek pick-me-up: Poet and philosopher David Whyte on anger, forgiveness, and what maturity really means









By Kevr102: Ultimate Cat Laser Toy With Scratching Post.


By Little Lightening Bug: Island Cake Tutorial; Breached Whale With Island
By Mike McGroarty: Dirt Farmer Fudge





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