FYI February 20, 2020

On This Day

1901 – The legislature of Hawaii Territory convenes for the first time.
The Territory of Hawaii or Hawaii Territory[1][2][3] was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from April 30, 1900 until August 21, 1959, when most of its territory, excluding Palmyra Island and the Stewart Islands, was admitted to the Union as the fiftieth U.S. state, the State of Hawaii. The Hawaii Admission Act specified that the State of Hawaii would not include the distant Palmyra Island, the Midway Islands, Kingman Reef, and Johnston Atoll, which includes Johnston (or Kalama) Island and Sand Island, and the Act was silent regarding the Stewart Islands.[4]

On July 4, 1898, the United States Congress passed the Newlands Resolution authorizing the U.S. annexation of the Republic of Hawaii, and five weeks later, on August 12, Hawaii became a U.S. territory. In April 1900 Congress approved the Hawaiian Organic Act which organized the territory. Hawaii’s territorial history includes a period from 1941 to 1944, during World War II, when the islands were placed under martial law. Civilian government was dissolved and a military governor was appointed.



Born On This Day

1784 – Judith Montefiore, British linguist, travel writer, philanthropist (d. 1862)[7]
Judith, Lady Montefiore (née Barent Cohen; 20 February 1784 – 24 September 1862) was a British linguist, musician, travel writer, and philanthropist. A keen traveller, she noted the distress and suffering around her, more particularly in the “Jewish Quarters” of the towns through which she passed, and was ever ready with some plan of alleviation. Her privately printed journals, threw light upon her character, and showed her to be cultured, imbued with a strong religious spirit, true to the teachings and observances of the Jewish faith, yet exhibiting the widest catholicity to those of other beliefs. She was quick to resent any indignity or insult that might be offered to her religion or her people.[1] Montefiore authored the first Jewish cook book written in English.[2]




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No redemption possible. Life in Prison Without Parole.

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No redemption possible. The Catholic Church has the funds to pay for the abuse, and each gang/group that abused children should be permanently closed.
By Brie Stimson, Fox News: Pennsylvania Roman Catholic diocese files for bankruptcy after $12M in sex-abuse settlements
“We have no other path forward to ensure the future of our diocese than reorganization bankruptcy,” Bishop Ronald Gainer said.

Bankruptcy could shield the diocese from more claims, lawyer Ben Andreozzi said.

“From the day they file bankruptcy, moving on into the future if someone did not present their claim in that time frame, it is forever exhausted,” he said.
One bullet each.
By Louis Casiano | Fox News: Missouri girl, 11, gives birth in bathtub, police say; 3 relatives charged
A man and woman are each charged with child endangerment and a 17-year-old boy faces charges of incest, statutory rape and statutory sodomy of a child younger than 12. All live in the St. Louis suburb of St. Charles.

The woman is also accused of failing to provide medical care to the child upon giving birth.

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