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1828 – Initial issue of the Cherokee Phoenix is the first periodical to use the Cherokee syllabary invented by Sequoyah.
The Cherokee Phoenix (Cherokee: ᏣᎳᎩ ᏧᎴᎯᏌᏅᎯ, translit. Tsalagi Tsulehisanvhi) was the first newspaper published by Native Americans in the United States and the first published in a Native American language.[1][2] The first issue was published in English and Cherokee on February 21, 1828, in New Echota, capital of the Cherokee Nation (present-day Georgia). The paper continued until 1834. The Cherokee Phoenix was revived in the 20th century, and today it publishes both print and Internet versions.



Born On This Day

921 – Abe no Seimei, Japanese astrologer (d. 1005)
Abe no Seimei (安倍 晴明, February 21, 921 A.D. – October 31, 1005 A.D.) was an onmyōji, a leading specialist of onmyōdō during the middle of the Heian period in Japan.[2] In addition to his prominence in history, he is a legendary figure in Japanese folklore and has been portrayed in a number of stories and films.

Seimei worked as onmyōji for emperors and the Heian government, making calendars and advising on the spiritually correct way to deal with issues. He prayed for the well-being of emperors and the government as well as advising on various issues. He was also an astrologer and predicted astrological events. He enjoyed an extremely long life, free from any major illness, which contributed to the popular belief that he had mystical powers.

The Seimei Shrine, located in Kyoto, is a popular shrine dedicated to him. The Abeno train station and district, in Osaka, are sometimes said to be named after him, as it is one of the locations where legends place his birth.




By Chloe Melas: Peter Tork, Monkees guitarist, dead at 77

Peter Halsten Thorkelson'[1] (February 13, 1942 – February 21, 2019), better known as Peter Tork, was an American musician and actor, best known as the keyboardist and bass guitarist of the Monkees.


By Farnoush Amiri: Ohio man punches lawyer in court after receiving 47-year sentence “All I remember is waking up on the floor underneath the table,” the attorney said.
Chislton had pleaded guilty to domestic abuse, aggravated arson, felonious assault and cruelty against a companion animal, according to

He now faces more charges after Tuesday’s assault, according to NBC affiliate WKYC.
By Raphael Orlove: That Could Have Gone Worse
By Luis Paez-Pumar: Wisconsin High School Will Retire “Big Boobie” And “Big Booty” Awards For Its Cheerleaders
Again, these awards were for high school girls, in front of a room that included fellow students, parents, and coaches. Despite initial protestations from school principal Steve Knecht and cheerleading coach Patti Uttech, who responded with a shrug when contacted by a former track coach after the 2018 banquet, the Kenosha Unified School District decided to retire the practice.
Gizmodo Science: Here’s What People Google Before Going to the Hospital; Giant Tortoise Feared Extinct Rediscovered in the Galápagos After 113 Years; New Studies of Ancient Lava Add Mystery to the Dinosaur Extinction Story and more ->
By Sopan Deb and Jack Healy: Jussie Smollett’s Bond Set at $100,000
The Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson, visibly angry at a morning news conference, said Mr. Smollett had taken advantage of the pain and anger of racism, draining resources that could have been used to investigate other crimes for which people were actually suffering.

“I just wish that the families of gun violence in this city got this much attention,” he said, referring to the news media.

By Michael Rubinkam: Walmart customers outraged at treatment of disabled greeter
By Harriet Ogilvie Teacher, Lundavra Primary School: Using Google for Education tools to create community at Lundavra Primary
By Jon Brodkin: YouTube loses advertisers over “wormhole into pedophilia ring” Epic Games and Disney pull ads over pedophiles’ comments on videos of children.
Atlas Obscura: Stonehenge Megaliths; Haunted Forest; Lithium Lake and more ->
By Kristin Stoller Forbes Staff: The Psychologist Of Saving: This 29-Year-Old Uses Mental Tricks To Help People Save Money
A self-described hustler, De La Rosa says her life has always been centered around money—or the lack thereof. At age 9, she immigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic with her mother, settling into her grandmother’s small two-bedroom apartment in the Bronx along with ten other relatives. De La Rosa picked up English quickly (through school and the Cartoon Network) but had to retreat to the apartment’s one bathroom for needed quiet to finish her homework. And finish she did. She was valedictorian of her public elementary and middle schools and of Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx—the alma mater of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
The Rural Blog: Appalachian Regional Commission announces $22.8 million in grants to diversify economy of depressed coalfield; Nine rural communities selected to create digital job hubs; will receive tech and professional support to help; USDA, partners seek rural applicants for technical help to implement economic-development planning projects and more ->
By Justin Higginbottom: Can a Comics App With 130M Users Become China’s Marvel?
Why you should care
Because the future of comics may come from China.

By Eugene S. Robinson: The Day Jazz Great Max Roach Flipped Out
Why you should care
Because where there’s an ass-kicking will, there’s an ass-kicking way.

I used to work at the New York Jazz Museum, just yards from the old Studio 54. The museum is long gone, but it had put the teenage me in a place not only to refine a pre-existing interest in jazz but also to learn how to navigate celebrity. Essentially, don’t be a pain in the ass, and make yourself useful. Good life lessons that have withstood the test of time.
The Passive Voice: Hack of Email Provider Destroys Servers and Two Decades of Data; Dick Francis: a Crime Reader’s Guide to the Classics and more ->
GlacierHub Weekly Newsletter 02-18-19: Drones are used to obtain high-resolution images; Glaciers are part of America’s iconography and boost local economies.; With increased snowfall comes greater avalanche risk.


By Hometalk Hits: Upgrade Your Backyard With These 30 Clever Ideas These will make your backyard look unbelievable!
By Hometalk Hits: 30 Creative Painting Techniques & Ideas You MUST See Don’t waste time asking how to paint this or that, check out these paint hacks!
By snwbordrgrl: Quilled Paper Honeycomb Earrings
By jiripraus: Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip
By MadeByBarb: Fabulous Fake Concrete Geodes




By Micro: Edible Cookie Dough 5 Ways

By In the Kitchen With Matt: Chocolate Balloon Bowls

By FOOD By Lyds: Carrot Fries

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