FYI July 02, 2021

On This Day

1919 – Anarchists simultaneously set off bombs in eight separate U.S. cities.
The 1919 United States anarchist bombings were a series of bombings and attempted bombings carried out by followers of the Italian anarchist Luigi Galleani from April through June 1919.

These bombings were one of the major factors contributing to the Red Scare of 1919–1920.



Born On This Day

1899 – Lotte Reiniger, German animator and director (d. 1981)
Charlotte “Lotte” Reiniger (2 June 1899 – 19 June 1981) was a German film director and the foremost pioneer of silhouette animation. Her best known films are The Adventures of Prince Achmed, from 1926, the first feature-length animated film, and Papageno (1935). Reiniger is also noted for having devised the first form of a multiplane camera;[1] she made more than 40 films, all using her invention.[2]




Just A Car Guy: Seventeen people injured as ‘controlled’ detonation of 10 pounds of illegal fireworks and IEDs by police with a bomb squad truck, in the middle of a Los Angeles neighborhood. They confiscated 5000 pounds of illegal fireworks and IEDs
Fireside Books presents Shelf Awareness for Readers for Friday, July 2, 2021 Inbox
By Gemma Tarlach, High Country News: Alaska bumblebees are thriving
By Sarah Sloat, Inverse: “Finding Your Passion” Is an Ineffective Way to Live Your Life, Say Scientists
By Josh Jones, Open Culture: How Jaco Pastorius Invented the Electric Bass Solo & Changed Musical History (1976)
“Friday is a day to finish your goals for the week. It is a day to celebrate that which you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the week. Well done.”
Byron Pulsifer 
“Put your pencils down and close your books. No more teachers, no more school, you are free! Go lay down in the sun or watch a movie. It’s Friday, You deserve a break.”
“Not for nothing is their motto TGIF – ‘Thank God It’s Friday.’ They live for the weekends, when they can go do what they really want to do.”
Richard Nelson Bolles
“Friday afternoon feels like Heaven.”
El Fuego

JOAN REEVES aka SlingWords: Random Friday Facts No. 1
1. The Statue of Liberty is not actually in New York. It’s actually in Jersey City, New Jersey.

2. Two of the most popular fermented foods are kimchee (Korean) and sauerkraut (German).

3. The term archangel is not found in the Hebrew Bible or the Christian Old Testament. It is found in the Greek New Testament twice to “label” Michael, previously called “one of the chief princes” in the book of Daniel.
4. The top 5 guns women buy are: Smith & Wesson MP Shield, Glock 43 9mm, Sig Sauer P238 .380, Glock 42 .380, and Walther PPS M2.

5. The average American throws away 4.4 pounds of trash every day.

6. People who read are 2 1/2 times less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s later in life.

7. Kleenex tissues made by Kimberly-Clark were originally used as replaceable filters in gas masks, a demand created by the use of poison gas in World War I.

8. Brontophobia is the fear of thunder.

9. Male cats have longer tails than female cats.

If you’re planning a family vacation, pick up a trivia book to keep your kids entertained. Family Road Trip Trivia, Grade School Edition, is a way to enjoy time together rather than time spent staring at screens.


Chocolate-Covered Katie: 32 Healthy Fourth Of July Recipes!
By Brianna May, Food Talk Daily: Crispy Corn (Cast Iron Skillet)
By Vicky, Food Talk Daily: Easy No-Bake Oatmeal Cookies
Food Network: Firework Slice-and-Bake Cookie
By Adrienne Carrie Hubbard | Crafty Little Gnome, Food Talk Daily: Red Wine Hot Chocolate Recipe




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