FYI June 05, 2018


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On This Day

1775 – The Second Continental Congress adopts the Olive Branch Petition.
The Olive Branch Petition was adopted by the Second Continental Congress on July 5, 1775, in a final attempt to avoid a full-scale war between Great Britain and the Thirteen Colonies in America. The Congress had already authorized the invasion of Canada more than a week earlier, but the petition affirmed American loyalty to Great Britain and beseeched King George III to prevent further conflict. The petition was followed by the July 6 Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms, however, which made its success unlikely in London.[1] In August 1775, the colonies were formally declared to be in rebellion by the Proclamation of Rebellion, and the petition was rejected by Great Britain—even though King George had refused to read it before declaring the colonists traitors.[2]

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Born On This Day

1794 – Sylvester Graham, American minister and activist (d. 1851)
The Reverend Sylvester Graham (July 5, 1794 – September 11, 1851), a 19th-century Presbyterian minister, was an American dietary reformer who was known for his emphasis on vegetarianism, the temperance movement and his emphasis on eating whole-grain bread; with his preaching, he inspired the graham flour, graham bread and graham cracker products.[1]:29[2]




By Katie Rife: R.I.P. Robby Müller, cinematographer of Paris, Texas and Dead Man

By Brian Kahn: So Long, Scandal Boy
By Ryan F. Mandelbaum: Crows Are Officially More Badass Than Ravens, Citizen Scientists Report
By George Dvorsky: This Brain Part Could Explain Why Parrots Are so Much Smarter Than Other Birds
By Alanis King: Spec Miata And Tow Truck Collide In The Middle Of A Race
By Alanis King: Oh Hell Yeah Honda Wants To Top 150 MPH In A Lawnmower
By Patrick Redford: Drunk Vegas Asshole No Match For UFC Hall-Of-Famer Matt Serra
By David Murphy: Why You Should Regularly Check Your Internet Speeds
Virtually is how I visit Burning Man~
By Nick Douglas: The Best Burning Man Travel Tips From Our Readers
By Brian Kahn: How a Winter With Elk Changed My Life
By Kelly Jackson via CNN: Girl with cerebral palsy saves 1-year-old brother from drowning
By Kristen Warfield: Puppy Jumps In Front Of Mom To Save Her From Snake Bite
By Maria Sherman: I’m So Sorry, but Your High School Yearbook Is Hitting the Web

The library content discovery manager, Tom Blake, gave the Globe this choice quote which made me choke on my water a lil bit:

“We have these great imaging labs, and we pictured all these treasures coming in the door…Instead, it was yearbooks.”
By Gary Price: IIIF Universal Viewer Comes to National Library of Scotland’s Digital Gallery, More than 730,000 Images Available
By Gary Price: New Journal Article: “Defining Data Librarianship: A Survey of Competencies, Skills, and Training”
By Gary Price: Vanity Fair: “Tim Berners-Lee, the Man Who Created the World Wide Web, Has Some Regrets (and His Work to Re-Decentralize the WWW)
By Gai Bomier: The recipe for Coney Island hot dogs from “Homefront Cooking” will elevate any Fourth of July picnic > Excerpted with permission from Homefront Cooking: Recipes, Wit, and Wisdom from American Veterans and Their Loved Ones by Tracey Enerson Wood, Beth Guidry Riffle, and Carol Van Drie. Copyright 2018 by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

By David Frank: Pretty In Pink: 1955 Dodge La Femme
By Brfian Birkner: Famed George Barris/Von Dutch Two Wheeler!
Ozy by Matthew Green: Do Magic Mushrooms Work Better Than Prozac? She Aims to Find Out
Ozy By Addison Nugent: How Crossing Jordan Turned an Egyptian Party Girl Into a Saint
Ozy Presidential Daily Brief: Trump Administration Reverses Obama Order on School Diversity, Protests Erupt Over ‘Purge’ of Poland’s Supreme Court Judges, Chinese Currency Makes U-Turn Recovery and more ->
What about the person he shot?
By Parija Kavilanz @CNNMoney: Superstar burger chef credits prison for his success
By April Lindgren, Ryerson University Jon Corbett, University of British Columbia: The Local News Map Transparency, credibility, and critical cartography
By PA Media Lawyer: Pair lose ‘right to be forgotten’ over murder conviction as human rights court rules in favour of public’s right to access archived news
The pair, half-brothers identified only as ML and WW, were convicted in 1993 of murdering a popular actor, WS, and given life sentences. They were released on probation in 2007 and 2008.
By Chip Bergh: The CEO of Levi Strauss on Leading an Iconic Brand Back to Growth
By Nick Fouriezos: This Cessna-Flying Granny Wants to Create an Independent Maine

When Terry Hayes meanders to the podium at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the candidate for governor of Maine is surrounded by a curious assortment of men: a sitting governor from Alaska, a tech tycoon from Maryland, a businessman from Missouri and a best-selling author and Senate hopeful from Kansas.
By Gracie English Alaska Highway News: Karl Musgrove a living lesson on rediscovering art through adversity


The Apple Street Cottage: All-Natural Weed Killer – That Works!
By Shelly L Nemeth Hometalker Gilbert, AZ: Napkin Table
Jeremy Hoffpauir Hometalker Pearl River, LA: Epoxy River Glow Table
Amanda C, Hometalk Team Hometalker Brooklyn, NY: Faux Wood Grain Paint Technique
By Miscato is my mantra: Furniture Flip with DIY Chalk Paint Recipe
Jodi House – the House house Hometalker: What to Do With Leftover Pallets…
Chas’ Crazy Creations: To Grandma’s House we go! (Wednesday Link Party #94)
By Bob-Bee: Foam Glider Plane From Cup Noodles
By Elaina M.: 10+ Ways to Grow Plants From a Cutting
By Ashervivi88: All-Natural Cabbage Dye
By Penolopy Bulnick: Popsicle Stick Playing Cards


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Cheryl Bradshaw: Cranberry Brie

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