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1786 – Gavriil Pribylov discovers St. George Island of the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea.
Gavriil Loginovich Pribylov (Russian: Прибыло́в, Гаврии́л Ло́гинович; first name also spelled Gavriel, Gerasim or Gerassim, last name also spelled Pribilof) (died 1796) was a Russian navigator who discovered the Bering Sea islands of St. George Island and St. Paul Island in 1786 and 1787. The islands, and surrounding small islets, now bear his name, being known as the Pribilof Islands.

Pribylov was commander of the Russian American Company ship St. George (Sv. Georgii Pobedonosets), a sloop or galiot,[1] when he discovered St. George Island on June 25, 1786, by following the sounds of barking northern fur seals.[2] Pribylov’s discovery successfully ended an active three-year search for the lucrative breeding grounds of fur seals by Siberian merchants.[3] His expedition was funded jointly by Grigory Shelikhov and Pavel Lebedev-Lastochkin. Shelikhov controlled a monopoly on Aleutian fur-trading activities granted by Empress Catherine II of Russia, but often took on partners to help fund his activities; the two men would later become rivals.[1]

More than 20 of Pribylov’s crew, which was of mixed Russian and Aleut descent, were left on St. George Island to hunt the seals. Both Russians and Aleuts stayed behind for the hunt. This played a key role in establishing the international hunting of northern fur seals, which continued in various forms until banned by international treaty in 1911, and nearly forced the seals to extinction.

A year later in 1787, Pribylov discovered St. Paul Island, approximately 50 miles to the north of St. George.[2]

In truth, Pribylov did not actually discover the islands, as he was directed to their approximate location by the son of an Aleut chief. The then-uninhabited islands, known to the Aleuts as Amiq, were a fabled hunting ground in Aleut oral tradition.[3]


Born On This Day

1874 – Rose O’Neill, American cartoonist, illustrator, artist, and writer (d. 1944)
Rose Cecil O’Neill (June 25, 1874 – April 6, 1944) was an American cartoonist, illustrator, artist, and writer. She rose to fame for her creation of the popular comic strip characters, Kewpies, in 1909, and was also the first published female cartoonist in the United States.[1]

The daughter of a book salesman and homemaker, O’Neill was raised in rural Nebraska. She exhibited interest in the arts at an early age, and sought a career as an illustrator in New York City at age fifteen. Her Kewpie cartoons, which made their debut in a 1909 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, were later manufactured as bisque dolls in 1912 by J. D. Kestner, a German toy company, followed by composition material and celluloid versions. The dolls were wildly popular in the early twentieth century, and are considered to be one of the first mass-marketed toys in the United States.

O’Neill also wrote several novels and books of poetry, and was active in the women’s suffrage movement. She was for a time the highest-paid female illustrator in the world upon the success of the Kewpie dolls.[2]





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By Stassa Edwards: Citing Moral Objection, Walgreens Pharmacist Denies Woman Medication for Miscarriage
By George Dvorsky: FDA Approves First Drug Made From Cannabis

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Raptors put nuisance birds on notice at public buildings
Trained hawks are being deployed at banks, art museums, shopping malls, sporting events and farms to scare away pigeons and seagulls that have taken up residence and become pests. “Pigeons are smart birds — they will remember where the hawk is and will seek out another venue for shelter, water and food,” said falconer Bridget Maguire-Colton.
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Great comments!
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