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On This Day

1444 – Skanderbeg organizes a group of Albanian nobles to form the League of Lezhë.[3]
The League of Lezhë (Albanian: Lidhja e Lezhës), also commonly referred to as the Albanian League (Albanian: Lidhja Arbërore), was a military and diplomatic alliance of the Albanian aristocracy, created in the city of Lezhë on 2 March 1444. The League of Lezhë is considered as the first unified independent Albanian country in the Medieval age, with Skanderbeg as leader of the regional Albanian chieftains and nobles united against the Ottoman Empire.[2] Skanderbeg was proclaimed “Chief of the League of the Albanian people” while Skanderbeg always signed himself as “Dominus Albaniae” (Albanian: Zot i Arbërisë, English: Lord of Albania).[3][4]

At the assembly of Lezha, members from the families: Kastrioti, Arianiti, Zaharia, Muzaka, Spani, Thopia and members of the Balsha and Crnojević which were linked matrilineally or via marriage to the Kastrioti were present. The members contributed to the League with men and money, while maintaining control of the internal affairs of their domains. Soon after its creation the pro-Venetian Balšići and Crnojevići left the league in the events that led to the Albanian–Venetian War (1447-48). The peace treaty of the Albanian-Venetian war signed on October 4, 1448 is the first diplomatic document on which the league appears as an independent entity.[5] Barleti referred to the meeting as the generalis concilium or universum concilium (“general council” or “whole council”); the term “League of Lezhë” was coined by subsequent historians.[6]



Born On This Day

1901 – Grete Hermann, German mathematician and philosopher (d. 1984)
Grete Hermann (2 March 1901 – 15 April 1984)[1] was a German mathematician and philosopher noted for her work in mathematics, physics, philosophy and education. She is noted for her early philosophical work on the foundations of quantum mechanics, and is now known most of all for an early, but long-ignored critique of a “no hidden-variables theorem” by John von Neumann. It has been suggested that, had her critique not remained nearly unknown for decades, the historical development of quantum mechanics might have been very different.




By Kyle Hopkins, Anchorage Daily News, Pro Publica: Her Story Brought Down Alaska’s Attorney General. A Year Later, She Feels Let Down. Nikki Dougherty White came forward to say Alaska’s acting attorney general had an inappropriate relationship with her when she was a teen, and he resigned. That was more than a year ago, and the state’s investigation has barely moved.
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Natasha’s Kitchen: Cheesy Mashed Potato Pancakes Recipe There’s just something about that beautiful cheese pull.
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