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On This Day

1933 – The Parliament of Austria is suspended because of a quibble over procedure – Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss initiates an authoritarian rule by decree.
The “self-elimination of Parliament” (German: Selbstausschaltung des Parlaments) was an event that occurred in Austria on March 4, 1933, when all three presidents of the National Council resigned after irregularities occurred during a session concerning a strike by the railway workers.[1][2] The then Chancellor of Austria Engelbert Dollfuss from the Christian Social party, which was dissolved and succeeded by the Fatherland Front on May 20, 1933, seized the opportunity to create an authoritarian government.


Born On This Day

1871 – Boris Galerkin, Russian mathematician and engineer (d. 1945)
Boris Grigoryevich Galerkin (Russian: Бори́с Григо́рьевич Галёркин, surname more accurately romanized as Galyorkin; 4 March [O.S. 20 February] 1871 – 12 July 1945), born in Polotsk, Vitebsk Governorate, Russian Empire, was a Soviet mathematician and an engineer.

Mathematical contributions
Galerkins name is forever attached to the finite element method, which is a way to numerically solve partial differential equations

Galerkin methods include:
The Galerkin method – A method for approximating the solution to a problem in weak form. Most well known in the finite element method.
The Petrov–Galerkin method
The Streamline upwind Petrov-Galerkin method (SUPG)
The Discontinuous Galerkin method




By William Hughes: R.I.P. M*A*S*H star David Ogden Stiers

David Ogden Stiers (October 31, 1942 – March 3, 2018) was an American actor, voice actor and musician, noted for his role on the television series M*A*S*H as Major Charles Emerson Winchester III and the supernatural fiction drama The Dead Zone as Reverend Gene Purdy. He appeared prominently in the 1980s in the role of District Attorney Michael Reston in several Perry Mason TV movies and voiced Cogsworth in the 1991 film Beauty and the Beast.
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By Chris Thompson: Fiorentina Captain Davide Astori Dies Suddenly At 31
By Dennis Young: Roger Bannister, The First Man To Run A Sub-4:00 Mile, Is Dead

Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister, CH, CBE (23 March 1929 – 3 March 2018) was a British middle-distance athlete, doctor and academic, who ran the first sub-four-minute mile.

In the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, Bannister set a British record in the 1500 metres and finished fourth. This strengthened his resolve to be the first 4-minute miler. He achieved this feat on 6 May 1954 at Iffley Road track in Oxford, with Chris Chataway and Chris Brasher providing the pacing. When the announcer, Norris McWhirter, declared “The time was three…”, the cheers of the crowd drowned out Bannister’s exact time, which was 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. Bannister’s record lasted just 46 days. He had reached this record with minimal training, while practising as a junior doctor.

Bannister went on to become a distinguished neurologist and Master of Pembroke College, Oxford, before retiring in 1993. When asked whether the 4-minute mile was his proudest achievement, he said he felt prouder of his contribution to academic medicine through research into the responses of the nervous system. Bannister was patron of the MSA Trust. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2011.[2]

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By Andrew P. Collins: Look Before You Leap
By Bradley Brownell: You Could Win A Racecar And Fund A Cancer Charity At The Same Time
Mazda is giving you an opportunity to win a brand new MX-5 Cup race car, and it’s all for the support of the Lemons of Love charity, which works to brighten the day of cancer patients everywhere.
By Bradley Brownell: A Truck Hauling Exotic Cars Crashed Into A Different Low-Ass Bridge


By Kris Gage: Not Everyone Deserves Your Love, You can only give so much
By Natalie Swaby: King County program doubled graduation rates for youth in foster care
By John Bowden: Philando Castile charity pays off entire school district’s student lunch debt
By Julien K., Hometalk Team Hometalker Fairfield, CT: Fix Burnt Grass & Dog Urine Spots With This Easy Solution!
By Hometalk Highlights: 11 No-Scrub Ways to Clean Your Washer and Dryer
By Jean-Sébastien: Inuit Style Mittens

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By NateT: Rainbow Ice Cream

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