FYI September 30, 2018

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1907 – The McKinley National Memorial, the final resting place of assassinated U.S. President William McKinley and his family, is dedicated in Canton, Ohio.
The McKinley National Memorial in Canton, Ohio, United States, is the final resting place of William McKinley, who served as the 25th President of the United States from 1897 to his assassination in 1901. Canton was a significant place in McKinley’s life; he lived there, practiced as an attorney, and conducted his political campaigns from the town.


Born On This Day

1814 – Lucinda Hinsdale Stone, American feminist, educator, and philanthropist (d. 1900)[1]
Lucinda Hinsdale Stone (pen name, L. H. S.; September 30, 1814 – March 14, 1900) was an early American feminist, educator, traveler, writer, and philanthropist.

Stone came to Kalamazoo, Michigan with her husband as president of Kalamazoo College, which was then a part of the University of Michigan. She taught there, became an early advocate of co-education, and did more than any one else to establish it at the University of Michigan. Through her influence, women were also placed upon the faculty at the university and scholarships were awarded women. Stone was the first woman in the United States to take classes of young women abroad for study,[1] that means to illustrate history and literature. She believed in self-development for service and was directly responsible for founding fifty woman’s literary and study clubs in the Midwestern United States. She was awarded the Honorary Degree LL.D., issued by the University of Michigan.[2]

Stone advocated for women’s voting rights and educational opportunities, in addition to abolition of slavery.[3] At the end of the 19th-century, Stone was the oldest woman journalist in Michigan, and was the honorary president of the Michigan Woman’s Press Association. In 1890, she traveled the length of the Southern Peninsula to become a charter member and help organize the first Michigan Woman’s Press Association.[4]





Otis Rush (April 29, 1934 – September 29, 2018)[1] was an American blues guitarist and singer. His distinctive guitar style featured a slow-burning sound and long bent notes. With qualities similar to the styles of Magic Sam and Buddy Guy, his sound became known as West Side Chicago blues and was an influence on many musicians, including Michael Bloomfield, Peter Green and Eric Clapton.

Rush was left-handed and strummed with his left hand while fretting with his right. However, his guitars were strung with the low E string at the bottom, in reverse or upside-down to typical guitarists.[2] He often played with the little finger of his pick hand curled under the low E for positioning. It is widely believed that this contributed to his distinctive sound. He had a wide-ranging, powerful tenor voice.[3]




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