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A Luna-tic Tip: “The Secret to Success in Life”
Originally published December 11, 2012

Here it is, folks, in paragraph one. The secret of success in life is to force yourself to leave your comfort zone. Think about it:

“I can’t find a job!”

– – – Move to Williston, North Dakota.

“I can’t find a nice girlfriend in any of the bars”

– – – Join a volunteer group where you’re all helping others for free.

“I hate it when my friends say I’m fat!”

– – – Follow Dr. Gott’s NO FLOUR NO SUGAR diet.

“My son’s in his 20s and refuses to leave home.”

– – – Hand him an application to work at McDonalds, and kick him out.

“We don’t have the money to send our kids to college.”

– – – Then see that they learn a trade, even if they must work for free.

“I want to write a book but I have no time!”

– – – Get up at 5 a.m. like I do. (Still alive at 85.)

“I don’t know what my purpose is in life!”

– – – Contact JJ Luna. (You won’t like the answer.)   =================================


(Proofreaders no longer needed.)

Readers of Bestselling fiction wanted

In the early 2000s I wrote several novels but did not publish them. Now, however, I plan re re-write one of them. If you are an avid reader of authors such as John Grisham, Robert B. Parker, and/or John D. McDonald, and would like to give me an opinion of several different opening chapters, please contact me.  No cash involved, sorry!

Jack Luna
J J Luna


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