Images January 13, 2017


Jenney Disimon wrote on January 11: “Waxing towards the Wolf Moon, over Sabah, North Borneo.”


January 11 moon over Meaux, France by Patrick Casaert of La Lune The Moon

January 11 moonrise in Madrid, Spain via Annie Lewis.

Anthony Heflin wrote: “An amazing night spent laying by a fire and looking up. You never know what surprises the night will bring.”

Almost full moon on January 11, over Dundee, Scotland. Photo via Michael Walton.

Susan Kaohelaulii wrote on January 10: “Almost full Moon over Kauai, with some volcanic haze.”


Richard Lakhan in Trinidad wrote: “So much for the Wolf Moon … I saw a bird!”



Twilight at Monte Stivo, Italy. Photo by Cristina Gottardi.


Monte Altissimo Di Nago, Italy. Photo by Cristina Gottardi.

Pregasina, Italy. Photo by Cristina Gottardi.


North Bay, Canada resident Timothy Joseph Elzinga recently sighted light pillars in the night sky after being awoken by his son in the middle of the night.
According to CBC News:
“Light pillars appear when either natural or artificial light bounces off ice crystals floating close to the ground. In this case, the air was so cold that ice crystals were forming in the air, reflecting the city’s street and business lights.”