Images March 08, 2017

March 04, 2017 The occultation by the moon of Aldebaran – brightest star in Taurus the Bull – was visible from North America. Great set of photos here from the EarthSky community!

Jim Livingston in Custer, South Dakota caught this interesting shot of bright Aldebaran in the moon’s glare, as the moon approached the star and prepared to cover it.

Sonny Ong caught this photo as the moon-Aldebaran occultation ended, from New York City. He wrote: “Photo taken from Woodside, New York facing west towards Midtown Manhattan.”


Michael Holland in Lakeland, Florida contributed this photo of the occultation.


Moments before the moon occulted Aldebaran…from Karl Diefenderfer in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Aldebaran is on the moon’s dark edge, around 2 o’clock.


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A close-up of Pink Dogwood blossoms. Akron, Ohio. (Nikon D800 using the 60mm macro lens – 1/750th sec at f11). Photo by Dick Pratt.