Images March 18, 2017

See it! Moon sweeps past Jupiter

Source: See it! Moon sweeps past Jupiter

Moon and Jupiter early Wednesday morning – March 15, 2017 – from Prabhakaran A in India. View larger to see the little line of starlike objects near Jupiter. These are the planet’s famous Galilean moons.

Arjun Cheyyur in India wrote: “The moon, with a faint corona, and Jupiter as seen from Besant Nagar in Chennai.”

Alaska: Piercing Aurora
Photograph by NASA/Terry Zaperach

Sounding Rocket Launches to Study Auroras
Image Credit: NASA/Terry Zaperach

A Tiger Longwing butterfly photographed at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens Glasshouse, Cleveland, Ohio (Nikon D300 using the 60mm micro lens – 1/ 60th sec at f8). Photo by Dick Pratt.

Erythranthe lewisii
Published by Daniel Mosquin

Erythranthe cardinalis
Published by Daniel Mosquin

2004 King Estate Winery
Eugene, Oregon