Keeping up-to-date with Gov. Bill Walker December 18, 2017

Keeping up-to-date with Gov. Bill Walker

Fellow Alaskan –

This week Lt. Governor Mallott and I released our three-part budget plan that strengthens public safety, creates jobs for Alaskans, and restores accountability in the budget process.

Safer Alaska

We have cut spending in other areas to increase funding for public safety and created the Public Safety Action Plan, which calls for more resources to address the rise in crime and the opioid epidemic. The proposed $34 million increased investment includes hiring: a statewide drug prosecutor, a prosecutor in Bethel, a trooper investigator in Bethel, a prosecutor in Kotzebue, a statewide trooper investigator, two prosecutors in Anchorage as well as expansion of substance abuse treatment programs.

Stronger Alaska
The Alaska Economic Recovery Act takes control of our future by putting Alaskans back to work fixing and maintaining our existing infrastructure. A $1.4 billion economic investment, over the next three years, puts more than 1,000 Alaskans back to work. The 3-year, 1.5% payroll tax, with a cap, funds a deferred maintenance program. The payroll deduction tax will sunset 2021. Additionally, another part of the Alaska Economic Recovery Act proposes to pay off outstanding oil and gas exploration tax credits in fiscal year 2019 with bonds at no additional cost to the state.