Military April 03, 2019

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By Jeff Schogol: Elite TACP airmen caught up in hazing scandal that got two squadron commanders fired
“The 354th Fighter Wing alone has invested millions of dollars into our airman performance optimization effort, where we can provide them the resources, the physical training, the mental training in order to be lethal on the battlefield. Hazing practices put all those resources at risk.”

Bishop would not say if the two fired squadron commanders offered an explanation for why they allowed hazing to go on, but he said their mistakes were not the result of malice.

“First and foremost, Lt. Col. Fiechtner and Lt. Col. Cates are honorable officers that have served their country well in their careers,” Bishop said. “We need to remember that in this situation. They are great Americans, great people, but they just made decisions that led to a culture that did not enhance the mission effectiveness of the units and then also created the environment where hazing was allowed.”
By Haley Britzky: Army kicks off Sexual Assault Awareness Month with a cake-cutting ceremony, because of course