Military April 26, 2019

By Gina Harkins: Navy Launches Safety Review After 2 Navy Recruits Die at Boot Camp Within 8 Weeks
By Paul Szoldra: Attorney for SEAL accused of war crimes says prosecutors withheld evidence that would help his client
By David Vergun: Pentagon Showcases Its Organic Laboratories
Congress Recognizes Lab Day
Defense officials announced today that Congress passed a resolution recognizing the contributions of defense laboratories to the technological dominance of U.S. armed forces and supporting the designation of April 25, 2019, as “Department of Defense Laboratory Day 2019.”
By Danielle Ohl, the Capital: Naval Academy police chief fired after sexual harassment allegations
By Gina Harkins: Quantico Marine Leader Fired over Probe into Personal Misbehavior
Atkinson is at least the second Marine commanding officer to be relieved by a general this week. On Monday, Lt. Col. James Compton was removed from his job as commander of Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 242 in Japan. That squadron was involved in a deadly December midair collision off the coast Japan.
By Gina Harkins: Marine Fighter Squadron CO Relieved After Fatal Refueling Crash
By Gina Harkins: Next Top Enlisted Marine Is a Salty Warfighter Who Will Push PME, New Technology
By Gina Harkins: Next Marine Sergeant Major Ran Across IED-Filled Ground to Reach Fallen Comrade
By David Vergun: Ready, Aim, Fire: Hypersonics, Directed Energy, Lasers
By C. Todd Lopez: DOD Lab Day Showcases Latest Mine-Killer Technology
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth Wright Recites Invictus