Military August 21 & 22, 2019

Task & Purpose: Navy secretary expands JAG review ordered after the Gallagher fiasco to include Marine Corps; Army recruiting company commander suspended after using Nazi phrase in a memo; Ex-airman sued for planting camera in women’s locker room at Massachusetts Air Guard base; ‘We are a people organization’ — Army leaders push renewed focus on soldiers amid rise in sexual assaults and suicides; 5 people indicted in Texas in scheme to steal millions from veterans; All CBD products are forbidden to US service members, Pentagon says​ and more ->
Task & Purpose: 2 US troops killed in Afghanistan; Former Arkansas VA doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter in deaths of 3 veterans; US Marine charged with kidnapping 16-year-old girl; Alaska Paratrooper Dies After Crashing Motorcycle into Guardrail; Vision and Disaster: The Complex Legacy of CNO Adm. John Richardson; Area 51 Events in Nevada Prompt Emergency Crowd Planning; Color Sergeant of the Marine Corps Warned After Burning Troops with Lighter and more -> Pearl Harbor Destroyer USS Michael Murphy Returns After 92 Days at Sea;
DOD: New Naval Operations Chief Commits to Alliances, Readiness; Video: Diving Deeper Depths and more ->
DOD: Army Seeks to Take Industry’s Approach to Upgrade Capabilities; Global Markets, Shipping Shape Military Ops and more ->