Military February 03, 2018

By Airman 1st Class Greg Erwin, 18th Wing Public Affairs: Big Gas Mission; Small Team
By Katie Lange Defense Media Activity: #OTD: 4 Chaplains Bring Saving Grace to Sinking WWII Ship
Some of the most vital members of the military aren’t those you see on the frontlines, but the ones who stand quietly in the background.

These silent warriors include the members of the Chaplain Corps – the men and women tasked with making sure all service members have spiritual, moral and ethical guidance when they need it. Chaplains serve at all levels and represent many faith groups. They deploy and train with everyone else. And while the chaplains – commissioned ordained clergy – are noncombatants, their enlisted assistants can fight in battle to protect them.

These men and women are bonded to their fellow soldiers. One of the most famous examples of that commitment occurred on Feb. 3, 1943 – a day now known as “Four Chaplains Day.” Here’s why:
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