Military February 26, 2019

The Associated Press: Trump Announces American Freed from Captivity in Yemen
The Associated Press: Coast Guard Dismisses 4 in Kodiak for Illicit Drug Activity
Lt. Cmdr. Raymond Reichl says the four are subject to non-judicial punishment but not military criminal charges.

Reichl did not release names of the four or give details of their alleged activities.
The Tenacious Tuskegee
The lessons and the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen are more than just their aerial achievements of World War II, they are an example of how to overcome any obstacle and triumph over adversity. This year we showcase Tuskegee Airman Frank Macon and remember the Red Tails and their Six Guiding Principles: Aim High, Believe In Yourself, Use Your Brain, Be Ready To Go, Never Quit and Expect to Win. Video by Air Force Senior Airman Nicole Reed
By Jeff Schogol: Marine gets ‘adverse administrative action’ for blaming statutory rape on underage girls
“Marines represent the Marine Corps in both private and public arenas and will always be held accountable for their actions,” Fudge said. “2nd MLG will continue to enforce the standard of professional conduct and we encourage and expect our Marines to exercise their best judgment to avoid engaging in behavior which may discredit the Corps, whether in public or private settings.”
By Paul Szoldra: Marine Corps opens investigation into another apparent Nazi-loving lance corporal
By Richard Sisk: Bill Would Allow Last WWII Medal of Honor Recipient to Lie in State at Capitol
A total of 464 Medals of Honor were awarded during World War II, 266 of them posthumously, according to government figures. Only Williams, Coolidge, Currey and Maxwell are still living.

Williams, 95, was awarded the medal for his actions with a flamethrower and demolition charges in taking out enemy pillboxes during the battle of Iwo Jima.

Coolidge, 97, was honored for leading a small unit in France in holding off overwhelming German attacks for four days.

Currey, 93, was credited with taking out four enemy tanks in France with a “bazooka” and anti-tank grenades while rescuing five other U.S. soldiers guarding a bridge.

The oldest of the four, Maxwell, 98, was awarded the medal for falling on a grenade in France to protect other soldiers.
The Associated Press: Remains of Massachusetts Pilot Who Crashed During WWII ID’d
By Matthew M. Burke and Marcus Kloeckner: Disgraced US Air Force Officers Were Set Up, Uncovered Stasi Documents Reveal
By James Barber: R. Lee Ermey Snubbed in Oscar Memoriam Montage
Deep Diving Army Talent
Soldiers share their experience of becoming Army engineer divers through a rigorous military training program. Army Pvts. Stephen Olinger and Nolan Hurrish push their limits to earn their place among an elite niche of the Army’s fighting force. Video by Joe Lacdan, DOD