Military February 28 & 29, 2020 US Signs Deal with Taliban to End Afghanistan War, Bring Home Troops, Montana Man Gets 110 Years for Killing Disabled Veteran; America’s Newest Medal of Honor Recipient Is Now a Sergeant Major; ‘Flamethrowers Got It Done’ in Close-Quarters Iwo Jima Fight, Survivors of the Battle Say and more->
Task & Purpose: 77 years ago, a daring Norwegian commando raid kept the Nazis from building the atomic bomb first; The Air Force is modifying its song to be more inclusive of women; Congressman who served at toxic ‘black goo’ military base in Uzbekistan reveals his fight with cancer; Washington state reports first coronavirus death in United States and more ->
DOD: U.S. Will Not Let China, Russia Deny Its Space Superiority, DOD Officials Say; Stratcom Commander: Failing to Replace Nuclear Triad Akin to Disarmament and more ->