Military June 14, 2021

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Air Force Col. William A. Jones III
11 Alive: World War II veteran celebrates 100th birthday. Mr. Bill Finch lived a life of community service and still volunteers for the National Council of Negro Women. US Military Documents Solve Mystery of Pearl Harbor Mastermind’s Remains; Documents Reveal New Details About Sinai Peninsula Crash That Killed 5 Soldiers; Combat Controller Who Earned Air Force Cross in Afghanistan Awarded Airman’s Medal for Heroism Back Home; Army Considers Increasing Public Affairs Staff, Training in Aftermath of Guillen Case and more ->
Task & Purpose: US Marine family billed $14,000 by private military housing company “I can honestly see no way we could have possibly planned for this scenario.” And more ->
The Angry Staff Officer, By thecanesownfins, Captains Kenneth Bellows & Gregory Trahan: Row Your Boat Ashore for a Break: A Case for The Military Order of St. Jude
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Jarred Taylor welcomes Marcus Capone, Chairman and Co-Founder of Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions, aka VETS. VETS is a non-profit with the goal of finding meaningful, alternative solutions to mild traumatic brain injuries and PTSD. Jarred participated in the program and describes his journey of using psychedelic drugs to repair his brain.

YouTube accidentally cut off the last several minutes during processing. The conclusion to this episode can be found here:

TIME Magazine article about Marcus’ work…
VETS Website: