Military May 16, 17 & 18, 2022 Military News Man Killed Outside of New Boston Space Force Station in Shooting Involving Military Contractor; Army Opening New Criminal Justice Center That Will Help Train Defense Lawyers; Congress Gives VA Watchdog Subpoena Power After Hampered Investigation into West Virginia Murders; Researchers Think They’ve Found the Cause of Gulf War Illness; Deal for Sweeping Toxic Exposure Bill Reached in Senate and more ->

Task & Purpose: Why Air Force pilots spent a day being dragged through the water by a jet ski “You never know when those skills may be helpful, when all those holes in the Swiss cheese line up.”;How to train like an elite Army Ranger, according to a Best Ranger coach “I think more and more people are accepting that the mental game is just part of performing well.”; How the myth that Mr. Rogers was a deadly military sniper began Won’t you be my sniper… I mean neighbor.; We’re busting military myths, bullsh-t and rumors all week J. Lo is not dead.; This pro basketball player turned Army Ranger is now going to Harvard This high achiever is someone we can all look up to. And more ->
DoD: Feature Medal of Honor Monday: Navy Hospital Corpsman Donald Ballard

DoD: DOD Names Lead for Suicide Prevention and Response Independent Review Committee and more ->