Military November 22, 2019 Body of Navy Veteran Found in Apartment Where He Had Been Dead for 3 Years; Hear That, Sgt. Rover? Better Ear Protection Coming for Military Working Dogs; Air Force Dramatically Cuts List of Specialties Eligible for Selective Retention Bonus and more ->
Task & Purpose: A Corpsman went to a military hospital for a routine shoulder surgery. 4 days later he was dead, and his parents say the Navy is to blame; Commander of Marine Corps’ Wounded Warrior Regiment fired amid investigation; Lawmakers introduce bill to build monument to Medal of Honor recipients in Washington DC; Live your action movie fantasies with this absurd yet fully functional rubber band minigun and more ->
DOD: Noncommissioned Officers Prepare Troops for Worst Days, Troxell Says; Military Services Strengthen, Modernize Industrial Base and more->




In this episode of The Gap, John Dennett, 95, a World War Two veteran, sits down with Ste Nicholls, 34, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through their conversation we learn about the positive and negative sides of service, and how war has changed over the years.