Military October 03, 2018

By Lucas Tomlinson, Fox News’ Travis Fedschun, Cody Derespina, Lillian LeCroy and Greg Norman contributed to this report: Former Navy Sailor Suspected of Sending Ricin-Laced Packages
By Caitlin Doornbos: Photos Show How Close Chinese Warship Came to Colliding with US Navy Destroyer
By Jon Gambrell and Gerry Shih: Chinese Armed Drones Now Flying Across Mideast Battlefields
“The Chinese product now doesn’t lack technology, it only lacks market share,” said Song Zhongping, a Chinese military analyst and former lecturer at the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force University of Engineering. “And the United States restricting its arms exports is precisely what gives China a great opportunity.”

Source: Quick Reminders to Keep You, Your DoD Info Cybersecure

Blog adapted from an article by Air Force Maj. Marnee Losurdo: In the Eye of the Storm: DoD Has Its Own Hurricane Hunters

By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Dunford: Russia, China Pose Similar Challenges to U.S., Rules-Based Order
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Navy Undersecretary Modly Shores Up Alliances in Oceana
By Paul Szoldra: The Air Force Used VR To Train Pilots In Half The Time At A Fraction Of The Cost
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By Oriana Pawlyk: About 126,000 Troops May Be at Risk of Separation Under Deploy-or-Out
louis stennes4 hours ago
Read over the list. Why would an ex POW be on a nondeployable list? Strange , to say the least.

Lorence Parker louis stennes4 hours ago
We no longer send MOH recipiants or POW’s back into a Combat theater. It is felt they did their part and we should not push the envelope..

louis stennes Lorence Parker4 hours ago
Understandable compassionate reasons but I wish this category was not on the undeployable list and just leave it up to the service memeber but a MOH recipient should not be deployed.

louis stennes Lorence Parker3 hours ago
I flew with a Major and navigator in Vietnam that was a B17 crewmember and was a POW in WWII, so I guess that rule didn’t apply then. It was his last assignment before retirement. We had some pretty “hairy” missions but that is another story.
By Ashley Velez: Dascha Polanco Tells the Story of Dominican-Born Tuskegee Airman, Esteban Hotesse