Military October 24, 2018

By Michael Balsamo: Explosive Devices Sent to Obama, Clintons; CNN Evacuated
Remembering the Beirut Bombing
By Richard Sisk: ‘We All Grew Up That Day:’ Marines Mark 35th Anniversary of Deadly Beirut Bombing
By Jeff Schogol: Marine Commandant: Beirut Barracks Attack ‘Changed The Way We Saw The World’
By Katie Lange: Gen. Dunford on the Fight Against Violent Extremism
“It’s not about winning the war. It’s about winning the peace.”

By Jared Keller: B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Makes Emergency Landing In Colorado
By James Clark: ‘Series Of Oversights’ Reportedly Contributed To Recent Death Of US Soldier In Afghanistan
By Christopher Woody Business Insider: China Just Successfully Launched The World’s Largest Amphibious Aircraft
By Will Campbell: Airman’s Invention Keeps Landing-Gear Doors on KC-135 from Breaking
By Jeff Schogol: Marines Confirm That Yes, They Drew That New Sky Penis Over California
By Jeremy Thompson: The Hardest Part Of Transitioning Out Of The Military: Finding Meaning Along The Way