Military September 27, 2019 Tuesday, Service Dog Whose Story Raised Awareness of PTSD, Has Died; Air Force Vet Missy Byrd Takes on 39th Season of ‘Survivor’; In a First, Pentagon Releases Data on Military Spouse and Child Suicides; Women Veterans Have Unique Transition Problems, But We Don’t See Them; Senators Introduce Bill to Give Death Benefits to ROTC Members; Air Guard Member Also Competes As Cowboy Mounted Shooter; 52 Years Later, Rock Legend John Fogerty Remembers Time in Army;

Task & Purpose: A former Green Beret is leading a viral social media effort to get people to a funeral for a veteran with no living relatives; Legendary Air Force pilot Chuck Yeager is suing Airbus for using his name to promote its new helo and more ->
DOD: Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford: A Chairman’s Parting Legacy Dunford faced innumerable tasks during his time as the highest-ranking service member, but he has prepared the force to fight today’s battles and face the challenges that could come tomorrow. And more ->